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Around this time of year, I am always wistful; just a bit homesick. Don’t get me wrong. I love living in Japan, and I recognize all I have to be thankful for. However, there are some senses that I miss even more come every third Thursday in November: the smell of baking pies, the colorful decorations and the taste of southern dressing. Yes, dressing! None of that Yankee “stuffing” crap made with white bread. In the south we use cornbread, and we love it! And as much as I appreciate Shooters, The Hilton  and Red Rock for giving Nagoya some great Thanksgiving meals; not a one of them has dressing on their menu. So, until this great injustice to my heritage is rectified, I will remain one sad country boy.

On to the calendar!

Thursday, November 24


Club Quattro in Sakae from 18:00

I respect instrumental post-rock in theory; in that I could enjoy their music, theoretically, if it wasn’t mind-killingly uneventful. DOOR ¥6500

American Thanksgiving

Shooters in Fushimi until the 26th

That’s right Canadians! American Thanksgiving, or, as I like to call it, the REAL Thanksgiving! Continuing throughout the weekend, Shooters will be offering a full course of Thanksgiving goodness, which includes turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing (ARGHHH!), mashed potatoes  and green bean casserole for ¥1950 yen. Pie is also available.

Friday, November 25


Shooters in Fushimi from 20:00

To celebrate the opening of his first exhibit at Nadya Park, local artist  and musician Robert Moore is bringing together many of the talented people he’s worked with over the years in Nagoya. With special guests like Semi-On, The Michael Wade Band, Ghost of Matsubara, Takaski Terada, Burger King, Toshi Matsumura and many more, this is your best chance to hear great live music in Nagoya this weekend.

Surkin Album Release Tour

Club Mago in Shinsakae from 22:00

This French producer’s chiptune tracks are full of the sounds you would get if an SNES and Casio keyboard got freak nasty together. DOOR ¥3500

Sad Day For Puppets

K.D. Japon in Tsurumai from 18:30

This Swedish band’s shoegaze rock puts me in the mood for some Dinosaur Jr or Jesus  and the Mary Chain. DOOR ¥4000.


Club JB’s in Sakae from 22:00

Jamaican artist, Warrior Queen is a very talented rapper who has been featured with producers such as the BUG  and Skream. Her dub-based sound is going to be a damn fine fit on this night of bass-heavy music with DJs DJYKK, SAV, Kim Morrison  and noonkoon. ADV ¥2500 / DOOR ¥3000

Saturday, November 26

The Champagne Masquerade

Lea Lea Hale in Fushimi from 19:00 | ¥2500)
I’m beginning to wonder if Nick, Babur  and the rest of the Stereophonic crew ever sleep. Only 3 weeks after their ginormous Absolute Halloween party, and they’re already planning a huge send up for their 5th Anniversary Party. Featuring a cornucopia of dance-inducing sounds from a who’s-who of local talent: DJs Andy Snadden, Alexander Sonoir, Babur + Nick Edges, dij, Halycon + Zig-nine, MaddLove, Skullduggery, scrying, Soul Kitchen, Thomas Lang and more!  Don’t forget your mask! ADV ¥2500 (1 champagne) / DOOR ¥2500 (NO champagne)

Nagoya Mixer Thanksgiving Party

Red Rock in Sakae from 18:00

The party people at International Mixer Party are at it once again, but this time they’re doing it Thanksgiving style! With a series of planned activities  and game, a Thanksgiving-inspired buffet, and music provided by the Obvious Circus’ own, DJ scrying; it all comes together to for one great party and the sure-fire cure for seasonal blues. ADV ¥3000 / DOOR ¥3500 (with all you can eat  and drink until 21:00)

Club Beat Fountains

Café Domina in Sakae from 22:00

Café Domina is always my first stop on nights when the Top 40 of the bigger clubs won’t suffice. They are always a safe bet for underground music that won’t bore, like this indie rock, electro and more party. Take a cursory glance at their set lists and see how long it takes for you to say, “I love that song.” ADV ¥1500 / DOOR ¥2000

molotov u.s.k. CD Launch Party

Cavolo in Toyohashi from 21:30

Live music is kind of lacking in Nagoya this weekend, so I’m pushing out a bit further to tell you about this excellent concert happening in our sister city of Toyohashi.  After 3 years, my favorite Toyohashi band, molotov u.s.k will finally be releasing their new album, Different Streets. I cannot wait to get my hands on a (FREE?) copy (show me some love, Peter!). This event is well worth the hour train ride, and is an excellent chance to meet the strong  and friendly community of Toyohashi.

Sunday, November 27

14th Anniversary Party

Shooters in Fushimi

In honor of 14 years of being the favorite home away from home for so many expats, Shooters is throwing a party and we get the prize: 14% off everything! Last year I think they offered 13% off of everything. Well, I hope I’m around for their 100th anniversary!

Harmonium Parlour

Plastic Factory in Imaike from 19:00

Semi-On’s open mic  and art space is usually the best place to take an exploratory dip in Nagoya’s talent pool. DOOR ¥1000 (1D)

Wednesday 30th


Club Quattro in Sakae from 18:00

This delightfully bizarre indie act returns to Nagoya with a new album in tow  and more of the deceptively “kawaii” vocals of Satomi Matsuzaki. DOOR ¥4800

Far East Movement

Zepp Nagoya from 18:00

This popular LA group is bringing their party-igniting tracks to Japan, and, even at that price, I am certain Zepp will be packed. DOOR ¥7300 / ¥8300

Sheena Easton

Blue Note in Sakae at 18:00  and 21:00

I can almost forgive the string of sickeningly upbeat pop songs made by this diva in the 80s solely on the fact that she sang U Got The Look with Prince… almost. DOOR ¥8000

Upcoming Events

Dec 10 Axiom 1st Birthday @ Bambi
Dec 11 A Swingin’ Christmas 2011 @ Shooters
Dec 17 Nagoya Mixer Christmas Party @ The Red Rock

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