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I have spent the last 30 minutes having a staring contest with my monitor contemplating just how to best jump start this week’s E.C.  And I got nothing!  Seriously, bupkis!  This isn’t so much writer’s block as it is a complete shutdown of all but my life support systems.  So, while my brain reboots from Time Machine, hopefully in time for next week’s posting, please skip ahead to all that this weekend has in store for you.  I wrote it before the crash; it should be passing for coherency.

On to the something or other…

Thursday, November 17

Wanna Be Child vol. 39

Club JB’s in Sakae from 21:00

Project Stroke, the brain child of DJ TAKE, a legend in the club scene who knows more about music than I even pretend to, is back with their flagship event, Wanna Be Child.  On this night DJs Andy S. and I will be just a few of the guest DJs.  ADV 1500 / DOOR 2000 (1D)

LOVEHOUSE 14th Anniversary Party

The Emporium in Sakae from 20:00

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve written about an Emporium party in the 5 years I’ve had this gig.  And it’s no wonder, given their tendency to say “no gaijin allowed.”  However, there are a few rare times that they open their doors to everyone, usually at the behest of a more enlightened individual.  On this night those enlightened individuals are part of the LoveHouse music and fashion collective, who are celebrating 14 years of providing Nagoya with fantastic sounds and styles from all over the world.  With special guest Timmy Vegas from the UK, whose Another Dimension track got quite a lot of play a few years back.  ADV 3000 / DOOR 3500 (1D)

Sarmale 3rd Anniversary

Shinsakae until Sunday

Nagoya’s only Romanian restaurant has garnered quite a following in just 3 years!  If you’ve never experienced their authentic Eastern European cuisine, than this party should be your destination this weekend  ¥3500, which includes a floor show and lots of the food that has made Sarmale one of Nagoya’s favorite places for fine dining.

Tape and Tenniscoats Japan Tour

K.D. Japon in Tsurumai from 19:00

One of the days I am going to NOT be busy when this very talented duo comes to town.  Not only have I completely missed out on their stripped-down, lovely sounds, but also on the number of amazing guests they’ve brought with them over the years.  On this night, they’ll be sharing the stage with Swedish experimental group, Tape.

Tommy Guerrero

Bottom Line in Imaike from 19:00

This skater-turned-downtempo-musician’s new album is full of haunting guitar solos and the jungle-like rhythm of bongos.  Very chill.  DOOR ¥5000


Friday, November 18

Champagne Ball

The Hilton in Fushimi from 19:00

The ACCJ/TJCS Champagne Ball, one of Nagoya’s most venerated events, is passing over the black ties and formal dress for gold medallions and bell-bottoms this year.  Yes, Nagoya’s nobility are going to party like it’s 1975 on this night, with entertainment courtesy of the Queen of Soul, the fantabulous Prisca Molotsi, as well as Disco Danny (aka DJ dij (aka me)).  You can also enjoy the sumptuous buffet provided by the 5-star chefs at the Hilton, as well as a ton of fabulous prizes to be won during the raffle, including travel vouchers from DELTA and United Airlines.  70s attire is recommended, but black tie is also cool.  TICKETS ¥12,000


Radix in Tsurumai from 22:00 | ¥2500)

A night of hard-hitting electro for the 10 or 12 fans still out there with special guest The Groove Shadows


SoulKitchen DanceParty

The Hub in Sakae from 23:00

A lot of you are going to go to the Hub anyway, so you might as well enjoy some decent music for a change provided by DJ Cee2 and DJ Sam.  No cover charge.


Gen’s 2nd in Sakae from 23:00
RandB, hip hop and House with DJs PauloAtNight, Ghost Willy, I-Cue, 034, JENOVA, Taku. Ayaka and Lilyan.  WOMEN ¥1000 (2D) | MEN ¥2000 (3D)

Saturday, November 19



Café Domina in Sakae from 22:00

Daft Punk, Justice, 2manydjs, N.A.S.A., Duck Sauce: the most powerful DJs come in pairs.  Now we can add local super-duo MOFONIX to that list when they debut this Saturday.  Consisting of Drum and Bass legends Steve Allen (aka HALCYON) and Zuiryo Taniguchi (aka ZIG-NINE), their mixes are far greater than the some of their parts, and they are still only half the reason this is going to be the best DJ party this weekend.  They’ve also got DJ Tektite from NY bringing an old school mix of ragga and Jump Up, which will make the bassheadz in the club think they’re having an E-fueled flashback to the 90s.  DOOR ¥2000 (comes with a free hamburger) / FREE MOFONIX CD for first 50 people.


Plastic Factory in Imaike from 22:00

If heaven is a non-stop rave and God really is a DJ, I like to believe the music would sound a lot like what you can hear at the FREEEK party.  For these DJs, house music is less an art and more a religion.  This month’s special guest is DJ Kaoru.  ADV ¥2000 / DOOR ¥2500 (1D)

Atari Teenage Riot

Club Quattro in Sakae from 18:00

This German digital hardcore band has maintained a pretty decent following in Japan even after their tragic disbanding in 2000.  However, after waiting over 10 years, those fans are being rewarded for their dedication with a new album and a country-wide tour.  DOOR ¥5500

Sunday, November 20

Free Burma Awareness Party

Shooters in Fushimi from 20:00

The Free Burma Rangers are a group dedicated to humanitarian aid in Burma (Myanmar), a country wracked by over 60 years of civil war which has destroyed their economy and left their people lacking for food, education and safety.  One of our community’s own, Chris Carson, has joined the FBR and is headed over to do his part very soon.  You can help out, too, by attending this informative event, where you can watch the documentary, “Love in Action”, and attend a QandA session with Chris himself.  Afterwards, stick around for Chris’ sayonara party with DJs Nick Edges and Babur of Stereophonic Productions.  Proceeds from the events will go to help the FBR’s efforts in Burma.

Velvet Sunday

Club JB’s in Sakae from 22:00

DJs jin, Takashi and Shigeta play some smooth house mixes or a chill way to spend the Sunday before the holiday.  ADV 1500/ DOOR 2000 (1D)

Art Rock Night

Diamond Hall in Shinsakae from 16:30

Ah, the cover band; the next best thing when the best thing proves to be too expensive or too dead.  This night has several acts playing the music of Led Zepelin, Ozzy Osbourne and a few Japanese acts I’ve never heard of (so I imagine a cover band would be futile for my benefit).  DOOR ¥2000

Upcoming Events

Nov 26 The Champagne Masquerade @ Lea Lea Hale
Dec 10 Axiom 1st Birthday @ Bambi
Dec 11 A Swingin’ Christmas 2011 @ Shooters

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