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I’ve been doing this gig long enough to know two things for sure. One, I love this job. And two, some people are going to hate what I write. Now, usually I make no act of contrition for what’s said in either the Events Calendar or my NAGMAG monthly. My father taught me to be a straight shooter, and I call ‘em like I see ‘em. However, if I insult someone I respect with the tongue-in-cheek narrative I employ, then I’ve gone too far. With that said, I was too harsh in my treatment last week of the Nagoya Autumn Jam hosted by Vinny Vintage. And while I stand by my dedication to wag my finger at any event that carpet bombs the Facebook with ads (even my own), I let my rush to make a joke (and a not so funny one at that) cover the true story. The truth is that Mr. Vintage’s seasonal Jam events are a cornucopia of multi-genre live performances with the support of many talented DJs. Vinny knows how to throw a damn-fine party, and I’m sorry for implying otherwise.


On the lighter side of things, this Sunday marks the return of popular Nagoya rock trio, Ghost of Matsubara to the stage for their newly released CD, From The Ashes Not Yet Cold. However, if you don’t already have a ticket you’re out of luck, because the show is SOLD OUT! Don’t despair, because there is a waiting list at the door, and Tom and gang have assured me they’re going to get as many people in as possible. If you want a good place in the mosh pit, get there early. And if you cannot make it, download the new CD on iTunes.

On to the calendar!

Thursday 11th

Andy Cabic and Devendra Banhart

Club Quattro in Sakae from 19:00

More beautiful Americana, this time from the lead singer of Virginian folk band Vetiver. I’m not certain how this sound will merge with the freak folk of Devendra Banhart, but I’d warrant it will be outstanding. DOOR ¥4000

Friday 12th

Nagoya Bass Clash

Club JB’s in Sakae from 22:00

Duo MOFONIX and several of the best DJs from the best bass-heavy nights are going to rattle the teeth from your face with D’n’B, Dubstep and Grime. ADV ¥1500 / DOOR ¥2000

Saturday 13th

Stompin’ At The Doxy

Doxy in Sakae from 18:00

Local jazz singer Ako should be fronting a 50 piece jazz ensemble in one of those glorious dance halls of old. Still, her backing band, the Dark Blue Swingers do a pretty good job filling the void. Along with Gypsy Swing Reunion, this relatively unknown live house is going to be a-swingin’! ADV ¥2000 / DOOR ¥2500

Nagoya Metro Party

Club Lover:Z in Shinsakae from 22:00 

What can I say about Nagoya’s best all-embracing party that I haven’t already said? If my words fail to convince you of the sheer awesomeness provided by their DJs, drag queen cabaret and exotic floor shows, then perhaps it’s time you experienced it first-hand. DOOR ¥2,500 (2D)


Club Mago in Shinsakae from 22:00

Some in the local club crowd may despair every second Saturday of the month because they have to make the difficult choice between the Metro Party and SMASH, the ichiban progressive house party in Nagoya. The rest of us know better. Since Club Mago and Lover:Z are a mere 5-minute walk from each other, go to both! For only ¥5000 you can go to the 2 best parties of the month on the same night! I’ve only ever been that adventurous once, and it was epic. If you’re not feeling bold, you’ll still be more than happy with DJs OGAWA and Nick Edges in the main room, and Tom Langford and more in the 2nd. ADV ¥2000 | DOOR ¥2500

Bunny Gang

DayTrip in Shinsakae from 16:30

Flogging Molly has got a big following in Nagoya, so I wasn’t surprised to see the side-project of Nathen Maxwell on the calendar this month. What did surprise me was how disappointingly different Bunny Gang is from the Celtic punk rock of his roots. This one is for fans only. DOOR ¥3500

Panic QT’s

Sonset Strip in Shinsakae from 17:30

Who knew a folk punk band from France would kick so much ass! They sound like Against Me! but in French, so it’s somehow classier. They are in Japan thanks in part to the most rocking music shop in town, Recordshop Zoo. DOOR ¥2300


Café Domina in Sakae from 21:00

Several DJs playing soul and deep funk all night long. This event has enough 70s-inspired music to soundtrack 100 porn flicks. Bom chicka wah wah! DOOR ¥2000

Toyota Rock Festival

Toyota Stadium ALL DAY

I know my people in Toyota will be happy that they don’t have to come all the way into Nagoya for good music this weekend! Not only does this FREE event feature a ton of Aichi talent, but Bunny Gang and Inner Terrestrials will be on the main stage. So, you could pay ¥5500 to see them both on two separate days… or just buy a ¥740 train pass.

Sunday 14th

Ghost of Matsubara CD Release Party

Roxx in Sakae from 18:00

Just in time for Halloween, The Ghost of Matsubara will be releasing a new album. Along with their first ever live shows in Tokyo and Osaka, they’ll be making one stop in Nagoya this month and the brand new Roxx live house in Sakae along with Duck Face, Run Pig Run and Branch of the Season. Advance tickets are SOLD OUT, but there is a waiting list at the DOOR ¥2000.

2YOU MAGAZINE 5th Anniversary

Apollo Theater in Shinsakae from 13:30

There’s a lot of bands I’ve never heard at this two day fest celebrating a mag I’ve never read, but the white white sisters will be there. And I’m obligated to remind you how much they goddamn rock every chance I get! DOOR ¥3800

Monday 15th

Inner Terrestrials

Huck Finn in Imaike from 18:30

Whenever I research the bands touring at Huck Finn, I prepare my ears for imminent bleeding. This was why I was so joyed to hear the danceable ska of this severely underrated UK act. DOOR ¥2000

Tuesday 16th

One Coin Classic Movie Series

Minami Ward Cultural Mini Theater in Horita from 13:30

This monthly homage to the golden era of the silver screen is the answer to a frugal film-lover’s prayers. For only ¥500, you can enjoy the 1952 western classic High Noon starring Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly. And while it may not have the budget and effects of modern day masterpieces of the genre like Cowboys and Aliens (SHUDDER), it more than makes up for it with moxy.

Wednesday 17th


Club Quattro in Sakae from 18:00

No! I refuse to listen to more Cannibal Corpse. My brain still hasn’t forgiven me for the last time I subjected it to the “music” of this death metal band. Cannibal Corpse is a terrible band. And they should not expect an apology from me anytime soon. DOOR ¥6000

Upcoming Events

October 27 Mixer Halloween Party @ The Winter Garden
October 27 The Sexy Halloween @ Club Mago
October 28 Dancing Evil @ Shooters
November 6-11 Foreign Artist Exhibition @ Nagoya Int’l Center

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