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It’s finally here! Halloween Weekend and all its craziness is upon us; and given that the weather is going to be clear and cold with a near-full moon, I believe this will be the wildest one Nagoya has ever had (and that includes the year Winnie the Pooh got arrested for assault). I don’t remember my first Halloween in Nagoya well, but I started the night with the plan to hit up as many parties as I could and it ended when I woke up in Sound Bar Jap at 6 AM. And that is what I wish for you all this weekend: a hazy blur of sexy costumes, scary encounters, overflowing drinks, excellent music, non-stop partying and excellent non-memories. Don’t get stuck into the trap of thinking you can only go to one party. That, loyal readers, is the rationalization of the elderly. But not matter what you do or where you go, above all else, be safe!

WHAT’S GOT ME BUZZ’n: October 29

As much as I love Halloween, it’ll all be over on Monday morning (give or take a few purists who hold their events on the 31st). Nothing left to do then but sober up, untag yourself from all the incriminating Facebook pics and get yourself to work. I, for one, am looking forward to it. Perhaps now my life can again have some semblance of normalcy; that is until New Years rolls around.

On to the calendar!

Thursday 25th

Manges and The Apers

Huck Finn in Imaike from 18:00

These two European bands prove that pop punk doesn’t have to suck (even though it usually does). ADV ¥2500 / DOOR ¥3000


Club Zion in Kamimaezu from 18:30

American funk rock unit Four Minutes Til Midnight returns to Japan with support from great local acts Djemba Djemba and Kong-Tong. ADV ¥2000 / DOOR ¥2500

Friday 26th


Diamond Hall in Shinsakae from 18:00

When I was a lad, I used to listen to the heavy metal of Slayer for no other reason then to piss my parents off. I must have gotten grounded for a month from the album cover of Reign in Blood alone. I can think of no better way to start your Halloween weekend. DOOR ¥8000

Nagoya Friends Halloween Party

Red Rock in Sakae

Every year, it seems that Nagoya Friends are the first out of the hellgate with their Halloween meet’n’greet for foreigners and Japanese people who want to speak English. Includes a costume contest, games, food and drinks at only ¥3000.

Halloween Party

iD Café in Sakae from 19:00

Nagoya’s most known club doesn’t really need a special holiday in order to pack all 4 of its floors. Still, their Batcave is probably the coolest place to start your festivities on any day this weekend.

Halloween Disco Night

MyBar in Sakae from 19:00

Nothing terrifies more than the fashion and music of the 1970s, of which there will be plenty at this dance party with DJ DrDROOM.

Saturday 27th

Mixer Halloween Party

The Winter Garden in Fushimi from 19:00

With its flare for nostalgia and a regal façade that has seen better days, The Winter Garden dance hall looks like it belongs in The Shining’s Overlook Hotel. And it’s the perfect place to hold a Mixer Party. Includes a costume contest, belly dancers and the talented DJ StickMan. ADV ¥4,000 / DOOR ¥4,500 (includes food and all you can drink)

The Sexy Halloween

Club Mago and Lounge Vio in Shinsakae from 19:00

Every Sexy Party held this year has been building up to this one night! Now, there’s a lot going down and I only have so much space so (deep breath) 3 stages, 15 DJs, sexy pole and cage dancers, a haunted entranceway, free shuttle bus, something called sexy Dracula girls and all the craziness you’ve come to expect from The Sexy. Oh, yeah, and they’re giving away a ton of prizes in the costume contest including ¥100,000! JUST ANNOUNCED: The Obvious Circus DJs (dij and scrying) will be doing their first ever duo set at Vio starting at 12:30. Don’t miss it! ADV ¥2,500 / DOOR ¥3,000

Nagoya Zombiepocalypes

River Park in Sakae from 19:30

From The Walking Dead to every George Romero film, the world loves zombies. And now you can join their legions as they shuffle around Sakae giving the locals even more reasons to be afraid of gaijin. There will be buckets of fake blood on hand and people to help you with your undead makeover.

The Absolute Halloween

Club JB’s, Club About, Café Domina, Tightrope and Red Rock at 21:00

If I can leave behind the schoolyard-like bickering (from both sides) that has plagued this Halloween season, I can honestly say that the Absolute Halloween will be an amazing party encompassing 7 clubs and over 50 performers. There is something for nearly everyone, but the real happening is on the street outside of JB’s. That’s always a scene onto itself. DOOR ¥3,000

Halloween Rock Party

Bar DEON in Kanayama from 19:30

Local alt/punk/rock act Miggy and the New Scrooges are headlining one of the few true rock’n’roll parties for Halloween. Bar DEON is located inside the Kanayama Center. DOOR ¥1500 (+1D)


The Plastic Factory in Imaike from 21:00

Ooooh… because the owner of the P’Factory’s name is Heinz. I see what you did there. Live performance from Zengo Kankei with Matthew Bowden on vocals and DJs Sound Machine and Kaol. DOOR ¥1500 (1D)

This Halloween Goes To Eleven

Café Peacenik in Imaike

For referencing Spinal Tap, new local band ELEVEN get my respect, even if I cannot make it out to this cool live house on the East side. However, for those of you who need some of the Devil’s music for your Halloween revelries don’t miss it. Don your Guy Fawkes mask and take part in their anarchist costume contest. ¥1,500

Romanian Halloween and Dance Party

Sarmale in Shinsakae from 17:30

I can think of few Nagoya restaurants with a stronger cultural claim to Halloween then Nagoya’s only Romanian restaurant, Sarmale. I mean, Transylvania, home of Vlad the Imapler, basis for every decent vampire story before Stephenie Meyer’s ruined an entire generation for them. At no other party can you feast on the delicacies enjoyed by the original Dracula, minus the still-beating hearts of his enemies.

Halloween Party

De Class Bar in Sakae from 22:00

Located behind the Princess Hotel in Sakae, this nightspot has been high on my Must-Check-Out List for a while now. Their Halloween party may just be the right night for that!


Club Upset in Ikeshita from 21:00

The Mod scene in Nagoya usually puts together a fun night, but even with live performances from rhythm and blues bands The Geno, Les Cappuccino and more; it’s not enough to steal me away from all the action happening elsewhere. DOOR ¥3000 / ADV ¥3500

Sunday 28th

Kids Halloween Party

Shooters in Fushimi at 11:30

Sure there are tons of parties for the adults, but only Shooters gives parents a place to bring their little monsters for trick or treating, games and a costume parade. The party kicks off at 11:30. Kids 5 and under ¥500, ages 6-12 ¥1,000.

Dancing Evil

Shooters in Fushimi from 19:00

After the rug rats clear out, Nagoya Swings and Power English are giving you your last chance to wear that costume you worked so hard on! Dancing Evil III features wild rockabilly tunes from Duck and The Billys, a smorgasbord of delicious food and an open bar. You’re going to want to take Monday off. ADV ¥2,500 / DOOR ¥3,000

Harmonium Parlour

Plastic Factory in Imaike from 19:00

Not entirely certain that the Parlour, Nagoya’s best open mic, is going All Hallow’s Eve this month, but I am certain hosts Semi-On wouldn’t care if everyone showed up in costume. Along with a mishmash of local performing artist on the ground floor, the second floor gallery features the photography of Christian Ollier.

Monday 29th

The Dukes of September Rhythm Revue

Zepp Nagoya from 18:00

For those among my readers born after the death of adult contemporary radio, I will include the only song you need to hear from each artist to help you understand why this event is so damn smooth. Featuring Michael McDonald (What A Fool Believes), Bozz Scaggs (Lowdown) and Donald Fagen (I.G.Y.). DOOR ¥12,000 and ¥11,000

Wednesday 31st

Hadra Night

Casablanca in Takaoka from 18:30

A night dedicated to the spiritual practice of hadhra, which I am told helps to expel devils from one’s body, mind and soul.  There will be lots of delicious food, good wine and the burning of incense to give you a culturally different approach to the season.

Upcoming Events

November 6-11 Foreign Artist Exhibition @ Nagoya Int’l Center
November 10 The METRO’s 20th Anniversary @ Lover:Z
November 15 Wanna Be Child @ Club JB’s
November 16 ACCJ/TJCS Champagne Ball @ The Hilton
November 17 Natural Rhythm @ The Plastic Factory


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