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And by die I, of course, mean “of fun”.  While this weekend is no slouch in the good times department, it is a pittance compared to what is in store for this town next weekend.  And while I would love to wax on and on about all the great parties and events planned, I already did.  Check out the newest NAGMAG on shelves now at all of your favorite local haunts.  You can also check it out online.

WHAT’S GOT ME BUZZ’n:  Costume Shopping

I popped over to LOFT in Sakae just the other day to check out their collection of Halloween apparel and decorations.  I’m always thrilled to see this section grow every year.  It’s a sign of just how popular (and profitable) All Hallow’s Eve has become in Japan.  However, for those of you fresh off the boat, knowing the where’s and how’s of Halloween prep might be a little overwhelming.  Which is why every year I pimp out this helpful article I did for Japanzine with Nagoya’s own master of fright FXs, David Mazzucchi.  It’s full of helpful costume tips, including what you’ll need and where to buy it.  Check it out!

On to the calendar!

Friday 19th

The Offspring

Zepp Nagoya from 18:00

I’m usually a right ass when I chat about newer punk bands, but I have a soft spot in my head for those from my youth.  Even though they’re well into their 40s, and I’m closer than I like to admit, The Offspring still represent the angst I felt as a teenager.  It may be hypocritical, but those bands today suck, and the Offspring rocks.  DOOR ¥7800

The Vox Dolomites

Sonset Strip in Shinsakae from 18:00

Sometimes I love this job!  Sure, I have to wade through reams of incomprehensible fliers and subject my grey matter to sounds usually heard when alley cats have sex, but every once in a while I find a precious nugget of good.  Thanks to this damn fine UK punk act I won’t have to cut myself so much this month.  DOOR ¥2500

2nd Anniversary Party

X-Hall in Osu Kannon from 22:00

The first of many birthday parties this weekend is for the one club in Nagoya I wish I had more time to check out.  Every time I’ve been there it’s been a blast.  Head over there this Friday and you’ll catch a good deal of Nagoya’s best DJs on both the main stage and in the comfortable lounge area all for FREE!

1st Step

Club About in Sakae from 21:00

Just because this night dedicated to rookie DJs is celebrating its third anniversary, I don’t see why we should have to pay ¥1000 yen for a night of missed cues and sloppy mixes.  If I wanted to hear that, I’d listen to my own sets (Oh! Self-burn!)

GASH x Black Cream

Club Mago in Shinsakae from 23:00

Two of Mago’s best regular parties (with most unfortunate names) are coming together for a 2-day festival celebrating house and techno music.  Friday features the chill collaborations of DJ Lowtec and Kassem Moss, with DJs Lawrence and Christopher Rau on Saturday.  DOOR ¥3000 / 2 DAYS ¥4000



Rhythm Bound

Club Saru in Kanayama from 19:30

Finnish rockabilly artist Mike Bell will be slinging his guitar at this bi-monthly party celebrating the music and dance of the 1950s.  Yuishi and the Sugarfoot Boys and several others are coming along for the ride.  DOOR ¥3000 (+1D)


Club JB’s in Sakae from 22:00

I can think of no better way to describe the sound of local band BLANKA than “space out boogie”.  Sure, there’s an overabundance (NOTE: in my attempts to sound smart, I used the wrong word in the print edition.  Apologies to the other acts on this night) of talent at this DJ and live party, but I mostly care about BLANKA.  DOOR ¥3500


Mashed Potato Time

Club Buddha in Shinsakae from 21:00

Man, I’ve missed this party, and it couldn’t have returned on a better night.  The early reggae, RandB, soul and blues music they play is the perfect companion to the rockandroll of Rhythm Bound.  And given its later starting time, you can hit up Saru first, and then close out Buddha.  ADV ¥2000 (no D) / DOOR ¥2000 (1D)

Gold Experience

Café Domina in Sakae from 22:00

Since dancing became illegal in nightspots that aren’t technically “clubs”, Café Domina has become the Kevin Bacon of Nagoya’s own ridiculous retelling of Footloose.  Continuing their many efforts to stay under the law, they will be celebrating this not-a-dance-party’s 2 year anniversary with food, novelty goods and dance music, for listening purposes only (wink, wink).  DOOR ¥2000 (comes with free food)


Club Upset in Ikeshita from 17:30

Hey, an emo punk band that proved the point I was trying to make with the Offspring.  Thanks, Quietdrive.  You suck.   DOOR ¥5000

Sunday 21st


Romeo and Juliet Auditions

Nameless Offices in Fujigaoka from 17:00

Local film and theater production company, Nameless Media is holding auditions for their spring production of Shakespeare’s much-beloved Romeo and Juliet.  There are several roles available for both men and women, and if this production is anything like this year’s Hamlet, you can expect to see several familiar faces from our community treading the boards.  To book a time, please contact them right away at


Nagoya Pub Quiz

The Elephant’s Nest in Fushimi from 19:45

A full week before Halloween, this classic pub will be presenting a haunted edition of their regular Pub Quiz.  So, put together a team of your brightest friends (or at least the one’s that fancy themselves to be), and take on the challenge of 7 rounds of horror-themed questions.  Entry is ¥1000 with the proceeds going to charity.


Respect or Die! Vol. 56

Café Domina in Sakae from 17:00

If you’re looking for a DJ event this Sunday, this eclectic mix of techno, house, and electro from several DJs is probably your best bet.  They usually have an impressive live art show as well, along with special live performances or guest DJs.  ADV ¥1000 / DOOR ¥1500yen (1D + MIX CD)


Monday 22nd

The Monochrome Set

Club Quattro in Sakae from 18:00

Good lord!  I had no clue that the Monochrome Set got back together, but I’m ecstatic to have the chance to hear their quirky blend of nostalgic-rock and terse lyrics live.  DOOR ¥4000

Upcoming Events

October 27 Mixer Halloween Party @ The Winter Garden
October 27 The Sexy Halloween @ Club Mago
October 27 The Absolute Halloween @ everywhere else
October 28 Dancing Evil @ Shooters
November 6-11 Foreign Artist Exhibition @ Nagoya Int’l Center
November 15 Wanna Be Child @ Club JB’s
November 16 ACCJ/TJCS Champagne Ball @ The Hilton


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