The NEW Aloha Dining Lure’s Lana

I was pretty upset when the Lure’s Lana next to the Chikusa Aeon mall closed. Me and my son loved going there for lunch as a treat. Luckily it wasn’t gone gone (otherwise we wouldn’t be writing this article), but rather has just moved to new premises across the intersection towards Tsuruma Park and Tsurumai Station.

The good part is that it is now impossible to miss if you’re walking from Tsurumai Station (a five minute walk even for a slow coach like me). The bad part is it’s not quite as convenient to drop in and have a burger if you’re going shopping at the mall since you now have to cross the road at the big Chihaya intersection.

The new shop’s interior is quite stylish. It has a cool Hawaiian cafe vibe to it, and there is some counter seating if you want to shoot the breeze with the fun staff while enjoying your burger. It really does feel like a fun place to just hang out or to grab a bite after chilling or Pokemon GO-ing at the park? There is now a spacious private outdoor seating / BBQ area now as well.

Keeping with the cafe theme, Lure’s Lana is now open for breakfast, and they are participating in the famous Nagoya custom of “morning” sets! Order a coffee or any drink over ¥400 and you can get a slice of toast, a hard-boiled egg, and a fresh salad. For an extra ¥100 yen you can swap the toast and egg for a SPAM sandwich or SPAM musubi (sushi).

All of their variety of lunch sets now all come with a fresh and healthy salad. At dinner time they serve the burgers, Hawaii-inspired food, and pancakes that made their last shop a favorite for myself and many others. You can see some of the delicious dishes on offer over there.

For January, Lure’s Lana is offering 50% off draft beer! So you have nothing to lose. Head on over from Tsurumai Station or Chikusa Aeon and eat up. If you’re ever at Chaya Aeon be sure to visit Lure’s Lana’s sister shop, “Moana K’oa”. Enjoy!

Aloha Dining Lure’s Lana is a five minute walk north from Tsurumai Station towards Chikusa Aeon.

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