The Nanzan Business School Offering MBA Programs

The Nanzan Business School (NBS) at Nanzan University in Nagoya offers one of the few Masters of Business Administration (MBA) programs in Japan outside of Tokyo. The MBA, which includes marketing, finance, operations management, and a wide range of electives, is universally considered to be the gold standard of professional education for business executives.It is practically a requirement for senior management professions in most countries as well as increasingly popular in Japan.

The language of instruction at NBS is Japanese, which does not pose a barrier for those with a degree of fluency: more than 10% of NBS students are from countries other than Japan. Most MBA candidates at NBS complete the program in two years, attending class 30 Saturdays a year and two nights a week on average while classes are in sessions. To introduce the Nanzan Business School to prospective students, Introductory Presentations are being held near Nagoya Station on average once a month in 2012. Attendance is free. Please come and bring any friends who wish to take their personal and professional lives to the next level.”

To introduce the Nanzan Business School to prospective students, presentations are being held at Winc Aichi, near Nagoya Station, on average once a month in 2012.   Attendance is free.   Sessions will be held starting at 6:30 p.m. on June 12, July 10, and September 12.  Feel free to come and bring any friends who wish to explore re-making their personal and professional lives.    Information in either English or Japanese can be obtained by Edward Yagi, a retired U.S. diplomat who is now a professor of international marketing at NBS and will be at these presentations.

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