The Nagoya Sky Bus!

Nagoya City will be operating a special sightseeing “Sky” bus service around Nagoya from September 18th to October 19th. The guided tour (In Japanese) is a great way to check out the city from on top of an open-air double decker bus, especially during the crisp and sunny fall weather.

The tours which are modeled after the popular open-air bus rides around Tokyo, last approximately one hour and take you around to all of the main sights that the city has to offer. If you are lucky you may even get to meet Nagoya’s famous “Omotenashi Bushotai”, a welcoming committee consisting of samurai warriors in full armor… on the bus!
Make sure you keep your ticket so that you can receive discounted entry at the major sightseeing spots below!

• Nagoya Castle
• Nagoya TV Tower
• Nagoya City Art Museum
• Nagoya City Science Museum
• Toyota Commemorative Museum
   of Industry and Technology

The tour ends just as the Nagoya Festival begins. The festival kicks off on October 17 and concludes on October 19th. The highlight comes on October 18th and 19th with the parade of the “Three Heroes of Nagoya”: Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu replete with their soldiers clad in armor and carrying weapons and banners. Events are held in Hisaya-Odori park and Oasis 21 and there will be lots of food stalls featuring famous Nagoya food items.  Also on the 19th Nagoya Castle, Higashiyama Zoo and other sightseeing spots offer free admission.

The Nagoya Sky Bus will only be operating for a limited time, from Thursday  September 18th through Sunday October 19th.  The bus will run five times a day at the following times:
Departure Times:

10:00 (1 hour)
12:00 (1.5 hour)
15:00 (1 hour)
17:00 (1 hour)
18:30 (1 hour)

The bus takes the following route:

Nagoya TV Tower > Nagoya City Science Museum > Osu Kannon Temple > Nagoya Station > Nakamura-koen and Ootorii (Big Shrine Gate) > Nagoya Castle > Nagoya TV Tower

* The bus departing at 12:00 also travels to Nakamura-koen and the Ootori (Big Shrine Gate) so the total time required for that tour is about one and a half hours. The other tours don’t go to these locations.
Please note that you are not allowed to get off the bus during the tour! Enjoy the ride!

How to join the Nagoya Sky Bus Tours

The Sky Bus is certain to be popular so we recommend that you make a reservation in advance by calling 080-6942-0185 (Japanese language Only). You can also just go to the ticket booth at least 10 mins before the departure, it’s on a first come first served basis.

The ticket booth is located outside the TV tower (it’s a few meters from the entrance to the north and it should be on the corner)  After purchasing the ticket, the guide will tell you where to meet so just follow the instruction of your guide and enjoy!

Departure / Arrival location will be altered on certain dates as follows:

On the following days the bus tour starts and ends at Nagoya City Science Museum because there will be special events held at the TV Tower: September 27th, 28th, October 5th, 18th, 19th

On these days please go to Nagoya City Science Museum and find the ticket booth just outside the souvenir shop near the entrance.

Adults ¥1000
Students (under 15) ¥ 500
Children under 6 are free
(¥500 If they require a seat)


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