The Nagoya BUZZ with Will Taylor, Miku Divine and Jonathon Freeman
May 29, 2017

On the next episode of the Nagoya BUZZ, we are taking an in-depth look at one of the longest running institutions in Nagoya, The Metro Club. For over 25 years the preeminent LGBTQ dance party has provided locals and foreigners alike a safe environment to come together and shake their booties. To get a sense of the history and importance of this event, we will sit down with drag queen Miku Divine and resident DJ Will Taylor to talk about how Metro came to be and what they have planned for Gay Pride Month and beyond.

We will also be joined by actor Jonathon Freeman who is starring as Iago in Nameless Theatre‘s upcoming production of Shakespeare’s Othello. This classic tale of jealousy, betrayal and revenge will be showing at the Chikusa Playhouse from June sixth to the ninth.

The BUZZ is here this and every Monday to remind you that there is still fun to be had even as the rainy season deluge begins.

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