The Nagoya BUZZ with Vinny Vintage & Steven Smith
November 21, 2016

Next time on the BUZZ we’ve got the return of a NAG MAG favorite, the godfather of Nagoya hip-hop, Vinny Vintage. This is his third appearance on the show, but we’re very excited because it is also his first in-studio performance for us. We’ll also talk to Vinny about what he’s been up to since the release of his popular R.O.A. album, and what he has planned for 2017.

Also on the show is Duke Falen Oakendale, the hereditary leader of Havenhollow. Also known by his mortal name, Steven Smith, he is the head of the local group Underworld LARP Japan. We’ll ask him all about LARPing: what is it, where does the magic happen & why is it so popular?

That’s what’s on the next Nagoya BUZZ, Aichi’s only international podcast and livestream.

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