The Nagoya BUZZ with Erin Sakakibara & Tomo Shaga
April 10, 2017

All this month we are talking about one thing on the Nagoya BUZZ: the Chubu Walkathon!

For 25 years, this amazing event has helped to raise money, awareness and support for several local charities. And this week we’ve got Erin Sakakibara of the Walkathon Planning Committee in the studio to talk about those charities.

The Walkathon also features one of the best lineups of live music, and every week we’re going to feature one of the bands performing this year. Up first, a return visit from Tomo Shaga! His funk and soul-fueled antics are a crowd pleaser.

It’s a month of the Walkathon, all the best from this worthwhile event, on the Nagoya BUZZ.

Tune in to the livestream podcast on the Nagoya Buzz facebook page at 6 pm


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