The Nagoya BUZZ with Andy Boone & Paulie Rhyme
November 7, 2017

The Nagoya BUZZ livestream is back at Gotham City this month with an impressive lineup of local talent. We’re starting things off with superstar photographer Andy Boone. This week is the 32nd Foreign Artist Exhibition featuring works of artists from all over the world.  As one of the organizers of the event, Andy’s going to share his impressions of this year’s lineup.

Returning to the BUZZ as this week’s musical guest is Paulie Rhyme. This American MC has received critical acclaim for his energetic brand of jazz-influenced Hip Hop. Along with an exclusive in-house performance, Paulie will answer questions from the audience both at GC Live and online.

The Nagoya BUZZ is a weekly show broadcast from GC Live every Tuesday from 18:00. You can be a part of the live audience for the price a single drink (¥500), or watch it online over at our Facebook page. It’s a great place to turn for a sampling of the amazing musicians, talented artists and interesting individuals that make living in Nagoya so very awesome.

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