The Nagoya BUZZ with Alex Fraioli & Nathan Ashley
November 14, 2016

Thank you to our audience at home and at GC Live for making our first ever On Location broadcast so much fun, and to Coindrop ’62 for rocking the house.You can catch them again as the house band for the upcoming musical Jukebox Paradise, opening at the end of the month.

On the next Nagoya BUZZ, we’re back in our studio with two excellent guests. First up is the game and bar master of Critical*Hit, Alex Fraioli. As the man behind Nagoya’s most popular video game bar, we’re going to geek out and chat about gaming, from the Famicom to whatever the hell a NX is (which I’m now being told is called a Switch… ah, I see what they did there.)

This week’s music guest is singer and songwriter Nathan Ashley. He is one third of the country & western group Borrowed Brass, so expect more than few songs about Jack Daniels and cheatin’ hearts.

That’s what’s on the next Nagoya BUZZ, Aichi’s only international podcast and livestream.

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