The Nagoya Buzz Podcast: Episode 38 (Hamburgler Edition)

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We would like to thank Vinny Vintage and Fatblueman’s John Janzen for providing music on this week’s podcast.

Who Has The Best Burger in Nag?

Join the NAGOYA BUZZ crew of Adam Miller, Ray Proper, Carter Witt, Rangi Thomson-McCall and a sometimes here sometimes not Daniel Ostrander as we discuss who we think has the best burger in Nagoya. Is it Shooters? Layers? The Corner? As usual we don’t really know so we call round to Bryce Conlan, Eric Hladilek and Chris Glen to see if they can help this podcast from not sucking. Great hilarity ensues. Sorta.

What’s Nagging?

Danny comes through with an excellent selection of events to carry you through the weekend.

Thursday 10th

BATTLES at Club Quattro (18:00 | ¥5800)
I thought I loved the raging experimental rock of this super group before, but their newest single My Machines upped their awesomeness tenfold when they brought on Gary Numan… ask your parents.

Friday 11th

The Bohemians at Club Rock n’ Roll (18:30 | ¥2000)
Don’t be distracted by this young band’s habitual overuse of mascara, beneath that douchey-façade is some solid garage-born rock.  It’s great to find a J-band that rises above the bubble-gum pop of their peers.

POLYSICS at The Bottom Line (18:15 | ¥3800)
It’s even better to find a band that co-opts that commercial J-pop sound to make freak-out rock.

Saturday 12th

The Brixton Academy at Tight Rope (24:00 | ¥2500)
This Tokyo-based new-new-new wave band goes even further to offer strong evidence that not all Japanese rock is inane.  Along with Faron Square & Canopies and Drapes, there’s a lot of good happening at this show.

Geki Rock FES vol. 8 at Club 3 Star (17:00 | ¥6200)
However, if you want inanity, than this invasion of American pop-punk bands has more than enough.  Eleventyseven, Stereo Skyline, The Summer Set & The Cab all make songs that I would’ve hated even as teenager, and I owned every Blink 182 album.

Nagoya Metro Club at Lover:Z (22:00 | ¥2500)
Nagoya’s premiere QUILTBAG party is turning 19 years old this month, which makes them one of the longest running events in our city.  I cannot even fathom the depravity Matty-chan & crew has planned now that they’ve made it to the age of consent.

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