The Nagoya Buzz Podcast: Bar Fight Edition

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This week’s music

Track 1)  Star of the County Down by Johnsons Motorcar from Tokyo. They will be playing at Club Quattro on Saturday June 22nd.

Track 2) Explosion (Original Mix) by Ogawa & UNIC.  DJ Ogawa will be playing at Club Mago for the Smash 11th Anniversary Saturday June 9th

This week on the podcast we have special guest Justin Fiedler who talks with us about his role in the upcoming play “Three Guys One Pub” written by NAGMAG alum Adam Miller and directed by our very own “The Daniel” Ostrander. The play is the first original script produced by the Nagoya Players in a long time and from all accounts it is both funny and the acting is first-rate. Justin also talks about bar fights and he takes his shirt off for us. All in all this is must-see radio.

What’s Nagging

Thursday 7th

Asian Kung-Fu Gneration

at Club Quattro in Sakae 17:30 ~

Voice of AOR

at Zepp Nagoya 19:00 ~
Arena Rockers never die… they just get replaced; as evidenced on this night of fill-ins from your favorite bands from the 80s.  Apologies to Bobby Kimball who actually was the original singer of TOTO.
DOOR ¥9000


at The Emporium in Sakae 20:00 ~

Good news: for one night foreigners will be allowed into this luxurious yet notoriously J-only club. Bad news: you’ll have to listen to K-pop.  However little I care for this genre should not detract from the talent of DJs Junk & PauloAtNight, whose mad mixing skills will surely be put to the test tonight.
DOOR ¥1500 (1D)

Friday 8th

DJ Ami Suzuki JAPAN TOUR 2012

at X-Hall in Osu 22:00 ~

A true story of sticking it to the man, Ms. Suzuki was a fairly successful pop idol in the late 90s when she sued her record label for underpaying her royalties.  This bold move led to her being blacklisted in the industry, and it was thought she’d never recover.  However, less than 10 years later and she released a string of hit dance songs, most of you will probably here on this night when she takes over the turntables.

Thao & Mirah Japan Tour 2012

at K.D. Japon in Tsurumai 18:30 ~
When listening to this talented folk duo, it’s hard to tell when the lovely, soft vocals of Thao Nguyen end & the lovely, soft vocals of Mirah begin.  It’s a Mobius strip of harmony.
DOOR ¥4300

Saturday 9th

The Aroma Sexy
Gen’s 2nd Sakae 19:30 ~

Will you be able to say you were at the summer’s most sensual event? If so that means you will have made it to The Aroma Sexy, the 5th “Sexy” party takes a new twist as the organizers of one of Nagoya’s most innovative is offering up the first non-smoking club event in NAG. Cage dancers, belly dancers, pole dancers and more in an energetically aroma scented environment. Don’t miss it!
¥2,500 / 1 drink
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Metro Party

at Lover:Z in Shinsakae  22:00~

When the Aroma Sexy at Gen’s 2nd ends, the party will be heading down the street for this month’s Metro. Nagoya’s ichiban All-Of-The-Above-Sexual-Orientation party is always a blast, but things are going to get epic when they celebrate the birthday of Madam d’Metro, the hostess with the most-est (but you’ll have to ask nicely to find out where she hides it).
DOOR ¥2500

Tuesday 12th

Nagoya Total Art

at PI Gallery 16:00~

This unique exhibition will feature a wide range of contemporary art from some of the most talented artists in Nagoya today.  The exhibition will showcase contemporary dancing and singing, 3D sculptures, African painting, urban projection, and much more. It’s not just Art it’s “Total Art”.


at Club Quattro in Sakae 18:00 ~

Celtic music always makes me homesick, which is strange since no part of me is Irish.  But that is the power of folk music.  And Solas’s lovely arrangement of fiddle, banjo, accordion, guitar & voice will make you ache for a home you’ve never known.
DOOR ¥5500

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