The Nagoya Buzz Podcast #50 (Special Guest DJ Halcyon)

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This week’s music has been generously provided by: Dj Halcyon & Zignine and Vinny Vintage

Track (1) Halcyon & ZigNine: Thirsty Thursday Mix

Track (2) Zignine: Rashinban (Compass)

Track (3) Vinny Vintage : In and Out (Club Mix)

What’s Strange About Japan: A TV Show Wants to Know!

This week on the podcast we discuss this video:

While the questions posed by the HI Lar I OuS! presenters in this Japanese TV segment “Nihon Wa Nanki Okashi?” are banal, there is little doubt that they trolled through loads of gaijin to get these gems of cultural insight. Laugh along as these CRAZY Gaijin (Are they serious – go ahead – slap yourself!) say what they find Omoshiroi! The panel tries desperately to go make sense of the madness!

Special Guest DJ Halcyon

Steve Allen (AKA DJ Halcyon) discusses his upcoming gig “W-Double” this Saturday, February 25th at Café Domina in Sakae. We also hear about his ongoing effort to assist victims of the Christchurch Earthquake.

What’s Nagging?

Thursday 23rd

Club Quattro in Sakae


Jeff Lang

Yet another talented slide-guitarist, this time from Australia, Mr. Lang’s bluesy folk music sounds of rainy nights, lost love & whiskey. Highly recommended!

Tokuzo in Imaike

(19:30 | ¥6500)

Friday 24th

Quervo vol. 5

Club Mago in Shinsakae


Cute & short in stature though DJ RS may be, don’t for a moment mistake her as anything but a serious DJ who lays down sick sets that effortlessly twist & bounce between genres. In fact, as evidenced by her recently released mix-CD Soundgirl Killa, she may have more funk than all the other DJs performing on this night put together, and there is a LOT of them.

Saturday 25th


At Café Domina in Sakae

(22:00~| ¥2,000 with 1 free burger)

W-Double, Nagoya’s longest running drum’n’bass event, is celebrating its 8th Anniversary!!! Featuring DJ tA.hA.rA. with residents あゆみ / ZIG-NINE / Smoker / HALCYON
W-Double’s very own junglist selecta DJ tA.hA.rA. will be our featured performer, with a 2-hour set that will blow your mind (and party hats) to smithereens. Souvenir Diner will be serving hamburgers from midnight

Sunday 26th

Harmonium Parlour

At The Plastic Factory in Imaike

(19:00 ~ | ¥1,000 1 drink)

While others spend their time just writing about the local scene (ahem!), Semi-On creates it with their monthly open mic and art space. Besides all the great performances on the main stage, the upstairs gallery will play host to the work of Valentine Harmand.

Pub Quiz

At The Elephant’s Nest in Fushimi

(20:00 ~)

The Pub Quiz is the beyond-logic mixing of one’s ability to remember trivia with a substance known for deterring that ability, and a tradition the world over. Nagoya’s been quiz-less for a while now, which is why I was very excited to hear that the Nest would be hosting this 9 rounder of brain-frying questions. Anyone can join and play with a team, or by their lonesome. Prizes will be awarded to the best 3 teams, as well as a booby prize for the worst. 800 per person, with any profits being donated to charity. Everybody wins… except for those who don’t.

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