The Layer’s Burger: Layers Aloha Dining

The Layer’s burger is an absolute bastard of a bite. It towers high off the plate, like a sesame-sprinkled volcano. Now, I have eaten burgers all over the globe, but this really is something else. Not satisfied by offering a patty as plump as a sacrificial hog, it is topped with lettuce and lashings of cheese.

“So what?” you cry. “That’s par for the course.”

Well, hold your horses, I’m just getting started. Next comes the bacon, the pineapple, a fried egg is chucked on and then splashes of sauce top off this luscious leviathan. Layers upon layers upon layers. Not just a clever name, you see.

As I mopped the remains of my sauce with a crispy onion ring I thought back over my meal and the nutritional value therein. Fruit and veg? Check. Grains? Check. Protein, dairy, what do you do to yourself before you wreck yourself? Check, check, check. This beautiful burger has everything you need to get through the day, all wrapped in a taste so exquisite that it could have been created by the great Hawaiian god Kāne himself. – Mark Guthrie

Vital Statistics:

Meat: 100% sumptuous beef lathered with your choice of sauce. I went for Red Hot Chili, ‘cos that’s how I roll, but you can also pick from BBQ, Teriyaki or Sweet Chili, depending on your personal preference.
Bun: Toasted and sesame topped.
Fries: Of course there are fries, and damn tasty they are too. Onion rings and one of those beautiful little purple Hawaiian flowers that I’m pretty sure are edible? Got, and got!
Epic Win: There is nothing about the Layers burger that isn’t epic. From its size to its flavor, this burger has got win written all over it and, if it’s not enough for you, you can go for the extra-pattied Double Layer’s burger. If you do, you’re more of a man than me!

Layers Aloha Dining
Under JR tracks, Naka-ku Shinsakae 2-47-50 (Near Chikusa Aeon)
Open: 11:00-22:00 Daily (Delivery 11:00-21:00)
Tel: (052) 238-1550

NAG’s Best Burgers 2014

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