The King Burger: Coat Of Arms

I’ve never felt that a burger was actually out to kill me until I found myself in a battle to the death with The King Burger. What I assumed would be a simple one night stand quickly descended into a knife fight I wasn’t confident I was going to win.

To start we are talking about one of Nag’s biggest burgers weighing in with 250 grams of flame-grilled beef. But that’s misleading ‘cause he is backed up by two strips of bacon, 2 slices of ham, 4 slices of cheese and what can only be described as a camouflage of sliced fried onions. Tread carefully here folks, this burger comes with a posse. – Doug Breath

Vital Statistics:

Meat: Did you hear me say 250 grams!? It’s the flame grilling that takes it to a whole new level.
Bun: Nice and big, toasted, and yummy.
Fries: COA serves tasty waffle fries and you can get them garlic flavored if you like.
Epic Win: The sliced fried onions. They take what was a great burger and make it an awesome burger!

Coat Of Arms
Nishiki 2-6-12 Naka-ku, Nagoya
Open:Sun-Thu 11:30~24:00, Fri / Sat 11:30~1:00, Closed Mon
Tel: (052) 228-6155

NAG’s Best Burgers 2014

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