The Halloween Festivity Guide!

Once a year the foreign community heats up with a raft of Halloween events, all trying to one up each other for the best party of the year. 2013 is no different but as “Halloween” actually falls on a Thursday everyone seems to be in a quandary about which day will draw the biggest crowd. Well anyway here’s pretty much what we have been able to find out about what is happening where. BOO!

Saturday, October 19

Coat Of Arms Pub in Fushimi

First out of hell’s gate this year, Nagoya’s newest watering hole is starting the festivities a full week before everyone else. With no entry, a costume contest, ¥500 drinks all night and some guy named DJ dij spinning party-favorites until 3 AM, this is the perfect party to give your Walter White costume a test run.

Friday, October 25
The Dildo Halloween Ball at Club Mago in Shinsakae

And the winner for best Halloween party name ever goes to… Seriously, it could be for any holiday, and this title would be the best. Who wouldn’t want to attend the Valentine’s Dildo Ball or the Dildo Arbor Day Ball? Genius! Even before you realize that Mago has lined up some hefty DJ talent and the entire royal court of Nagoya drag queens, you’ve already clicked attending.

Saturday, October 26

Club Mago and Lounge Vio in Shinsakae

There’s nothing to say about the Sexy Halloween that hasn’t already been said. So, I’ll just say that I love this night. I cannot remember a Halloween where I didn’t put on a costume and howl at the moon. I have been DJing on this night for 7 years, starting way back with the FEVER parties. I have had the honor to play for both iD and The Absolute Halloween in the past. However, these last few years with the Sexy Halloween have been the wildest, craziest and ball-to-the-wall freakiest parties I have ever been a part of. I guarantee that this is one party you will not forget, no matter how many Blood Shots you do.

Club JB’s / Domina / About / Red Rock / DaBar / Raggliancate / Doxy / Mongol Shinkiro

The Absolute Halloween has upped the ante this year, as they are taking over 8 venues for their ever growing party. It’s like the classic horror film, The Blob; nothing can stop it, and it will consume everything in its path. Eventually all parties everywhere will be part of the Absolute… ah, now I get it.

Cinderella at Studio Transit in Sakae

On a night where everyone is fabulous, we should not forget those who always are. The Cinderella party is an oasis for the Nagoya LGBT community, and features one wild floor show. Good luck finding that venue!

Winter Garden Dance Hall in Fushimi

With its flare for nostalgia and a regal façade that has seen better days, The Winter Garden dance hall looks like it belongs in The Shining’s Overlook Hotel. I can think of no better place to hold the Halloween Mixer Party featuring live music from Ghost of Matsubara, as well as DJ scrying.

Sunday, October 27

Shooters in Fushimi

Sure there are tons of parties for the adults, but only Shooters gives parents a place to bring their little monsters for trick or treating, games and a costume parade. The Kids Halloween Party kicks off at 11:30. Kids 5 and under ¥500, ages 6-12 ¥1,000.

After the rug rats clear out, Nagoya Swings is giving one more chance to wear that costume you worked so hard on! The Halloween Swing features wild rockabilly tunes from Duck and The Billys, the hottest ballroom dance in Nagoya and an open bar. You’re going to want to take Monday off.

Thursday Oct. 31, Nov 1, 2, 3

iD Café in Sakae

Props to Nagoya’s most known club for doing Halloween on the proper night. They will also be having parties Fri, Sat and Sun! Woot!

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