The Guacamole Burger: Shooters

Shooters mashed up some avocado then added some fresh cilantro and other spices to create some of the best guacamole this side of San Antonio. The masterminds behind this creation then spread it on their already legendary beef patty and nestled it between toasted (yet somehow still soft) sesame buns creating a truly great burger.

Not satisfied with merely having a “great burger”, Shooters kicked it up to legendary status with some cherrywood-smoked bacon. If you like the “bacon” in Japan, I pity the waste your life has been having never had bacon. Knowing the disdain most foreigners have for this flaccid not-bacon, Shooters combed the globe until they found fatty strips of pork that crisp when fried and say to your heart “you are my bitch now”.

The smoky, subtleness of mozzarella accentuates, never detracts, from all the work that went into crafting this masterpiece. Quite simply, it is a study in burger passion.

If other burgers are Ford trucks, dependable and ready to get the job done, Shooters’ Guacamole Burger is a Lamborghini, in a completely different league. – Daniel Ostrander

Vital Statistics:

Meat: 200 grams of Shooters’ proprietary beef blend, developed over several months of trial and error, until they achieved what could very well be the best damn burger you will have all year.
Bun: Delivered fresh daily from a local bakery, these sesame-covered golden buns are a toasty blanket holding the burger together so well that every bite is as good as the first.
Sides: Shooters’ famous curly fries heaped high like a delicious game of Jenga threatening to collapse all over the accompanying coleslaw.
Epic Win: It’s a tossup! The fresh quac separates this burger from the pack of avocado-adorned bore-gers in town, while the crunchy smoked bacon is such a nostalgic taste, you may shed a tear.
Pola Building 2F, Sakae 2-9-26, Naka-ku
Open: Mon-Thu 17:00~1:00, Fri 17:00~3:00 Sat 11:30~3:00,
Sun 11:30~1:00
Tel: (052) 202-7077

NAG’s Best Burgers 2014

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