The Gaijin Eye: A special NAGMAG photo issue

The Gaijin Eye: A special NAGMAG photo issue
Nagoya from a foreigner’s perspective
It is trite to state that Nagoya is a merely a concrete wasteland. Debunking this hackneyed stereotype is part of our mission with this printed exhibition which we will publish in September. In this special issue, we will choose images that we hope will broaden your perspective of our adopted city. We will also choose images that for whatever intangible reason we just like.
Anyone is able to participate (Japanese welcome) however we are interested in including photographs from a foreigner’s perspective or of foreigners interacting with Nagoya. They can be black and white, color, manipulated or even collages of images. The only requirement is that they are original images and represent Nagoya (the good and the bad).
Images must be at least 300 DPI to be considered.
Deadline for submissions is July 31.
Please email them to:
Be sure to include your name, the image title, your mailing address and your website or email for publication.

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