The Final Issue

After 30 years this is our last monthly magazine

Well folks, this is it – our final issue.

After 30 years of publishing a monthly magazine for the foreign community we have met our last deadline, written our last word.

What started as THE ALIEN and then Japanzine and then NAGMAG has been published every month (mostly) since 1990. And now we take our hands off the keyboards and reflect on all that has come and gone.

It has been an honor to be part of the foreign community for so long and in so many ways. But even more so it is the people. The designers, the writers, the artists, the photographers, the staff, the musicians and all around creative people we have had the opportunity to work with.

Oh yeah and the crazy people too. You were fun and brought us joy and awesome amounts inspiration to take on some really enjoyable and exciting projects.

You guys rock.

I can’t begin to name everyone I’d like to thank for fear I would fail to mention someone. But suffice it to say I feel blessed to have had the joy of being a part of the community along with the most awesome co-workers you could ever hope to have – all talented individuals who have brought immense creativity and dedication to our monthly endeavor.

But now the monthly deadline is over. We had a remarkable run and it is in no small measure due to the advertisers and sponsors who have made it all possible. I am so thankful to them all for their support through the years and what they have helped us to do.

Naturally over the course of 30 years you have a few disagreements with people who are dissatisfied with your work or feel they have not been given equal treatment. For this I am truly sorry. I hope that they, as well as I, can remember that some things just don’t matter as time goes by. Life moves on.

New opportunities arise. New people come into our lives. We change.

Change is good. As foreigners we are used to change. And this is just another one, but one I felt it was time to make. There is so much more to do. I have done enough of this. It is amazing that 30 years have come and gone in a flash.

Most of all I am excited about what comes next for our company, Carter Witt Media. We will continue our quarterly Nagoya InfoGuide, as well as our Nagoya City Map. But other projects loom and we will continue to offer on-demand design and are involved in the Navigate 22 series of seminars being held by Lowell Sheppard.

Finally and lastly I’d like to thank you – the reader. You have been our partner and our friend. We have tried to meet your expectations so that each month you will give us a look. I have been truly humbled by the kind well wishes from those of you who have appreciated our work. Thank you for reading all these years.

A sincere thank you to you all!

Carter Witt

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