The Daily Nag Ten-Year Challenge!

It’s the meme that’s sweeping the globe, with people posting their Facebook profile photos from both 2009 and 2019 side-by-side.

Not wanting to miss out on the fun, but being a written word medium, we at The Daily Nag have asked our readers to submit their Facebook statuses (stati? statium? statia?) from ten years ago, and those from today. Below are a few of our favourites.

2009: Just arrived in Japan for a year of freedom and exploration and then back to the real world.
2019: Today’s my ten-year Japaniversary!
– Nick Vines, from Australia
2009: Being an ALT is so easy. I had just four lessons today and I just spend all the rest of my time reading.
2019: I’ve been in school since 8:30, had to do three classes, and can’t even clock out until, like, 2:30. Sooooo exhausted.
– Malorie Conway, from Jamaica

2009: My girlfriend back home is certain that I’ll cheat on her when I’m in Japan, but there’s no way, babes. I don’t even find Japanese girls attractive! Love you forever Sharon!
2019: A little announcement: Yuki and I are getting a divorce. Yes it’s my fault, and yes it’s my third time, but I can’t keep my hands off the Hub girls. Hate the game, ladies!!
– Harry Stevenson, from California
2009: Japan’s so difficult! Nihongo wakaranai! LOL!
2019: Japan’s so difficult! Mada Nihongo wakaranai.
– Emma Ganderton, from Scotland

2009: Why does no one sit next to me on the subway? Japan is so racist!
2019: The subway’s so busy, but the only empty seat is next to me. Time to stretch out. Winning!
– Paolo Texiera, from New York

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