The Curragh: Brew Dog Punk IPA

The Curragh Test2

The Curragh may be the new Irish bar on the block, but don’t confuse the emerald behind the ears for naiveté. Barman Teri knows the Sakae game well, having previously been manager of The Hub, and he brings his expertise to this bolthole bar that adds a welcome hint of oshanti hipsterness to the charms of a true Paddy pub.

Which is why Punk IPA compliments The Curragh so well. Okay, it may be of Scottish origin, but this classic IPA has a nod to time-honoured tradition, yet the fruity hoppy twist has a spark of cool modernity. The Brew Dog brewery has just opened its first Japanese bar in Roppongi, but why head all the way to Tokyo when you can enjoy Punk IPA right here in Nags! – MG


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