The Corner: Lamb & Blue Cheese Burger

Everyone knows The Corner. It’s super-famous for having some of Nag’s best burgers. And I don’t think I would be overstating a commonly held belief when I say that many people feel that it is simply THE best place to get a burger. I’ve eaten my share at this street corner shop, but I was unprepared when offered up the Lamb and Blue Cheese burger which has sort’ve got a cult following amongst the regulars.

Meat to bun ratio:
This is a thick patty – of ground lamb. They’ve got the seasoning just right and the blue cheese ties it all together into one juicy sandwich

The fixins:
All Corner burgers come with a secretly sourced bun which has a nice glaze and is toasted. This helps the sandwich maintain its structure as you maul the tender baby lamb meat into your gaping maw. It also comes with the standard lettuce and a nice thick slice of tomato as well. The piece de resistance are the caramelized onions and the thick cut bacon which merge with the melted blue cheese.

The fries (and onion rings)
The Corner is known for their unique double-fried home-cut fries. These are complimented by homemade onion rings and a very nice salad.

I would recommend this place because…
Look, don’t take my word for it. You can ask almost ANY gaijin in town and this will be one of the first three shops they will suggest. It really is that good. Go ahead. Ask the nearest gaijin you can find. It’s true. Plus the shop is comfortable and intimate. And they have an awesome selection of beers you won’t find anywhere else. – Carter Witt

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