The Club

On Stage April 10,11 & 12

Tradition versus modernity. Loyalty versus the almighty dollar. Such are the competitive forces at play at “The Club”, The Nagoya Players return performance following their successful Spring 2014 production of “Anger”. In “The Club” they will be presenting a modern take on Australian playwright David Williamson’s iconic work on the changing face of sport as a commentary on the changing values of the greater community.

Originally written and performed in 1977 for a Melbourne audience, the show has been reset in the modern day by director Ashley James. “This show and it’s themes are just as relevant today as they were in 1977” says Ashley. “Not only in the sporting world generally, which is where my personal passion for this show comes from, but also in the wider Japanese community that we live in. The show also explores the theme of the generation gap that many feel has opened up between youth, their parents and grandparents in modern Japan. The show explores the characters differing motivations and attitudes toward the community and their professional lives in the modern age.”

The action centers around a football club boardroom in the hours before a crucial meeting of the membership. There has been tension building within the halls of the club for years, and a severe slump on the field has brought all of the tensions to a head. Grudges both old and new abound between management, coaches and players, and the future of not only “The Club” itself, but also everyone within it is on the line. There is a power struggle underlying all of this, and who will emerge with their place within the Club, let alone their reputation intact, is far from certain.

The Club is being managed at board level by a peculiar triumvirate. Gerry Cooper (Jessica Conklin), a young, highly successful, go-getting female executive, has been brought in to shake things up and bring a modern business approach to the organization. She has formed an unlikely alliance at the Club with Ted Parker (James Venema), a manic middle aged local businessman elected to the presidency on a reform ticket, and Jock Riley (Michael Kruse), a hard nosed, old school, and self serving former player and coach, who also serves as vice president under Ted.

The football department is led by Head Coach Laurie Holden (David Alcock), a no nonsense individual who embraces the traditions and history of The Club as if they were a child of his own. His team is captained by Danny Rowe (Dan Pousson), a hard man and fiercely competitive leader. The team as a whole is completely behind Laurie as Head Coach, except for young superstar recruit Geoff Hayward (Ritchie Croan), whose on field form and off field attitude of late have not warranted the massive sum he is earning as opposed to the rest of the playing group, which adds fuel to an already tense situation around The Club…

The Nagoya Players are Nagoya’s original foreign language theater group and have been performing shows since 1975. They are a community based not for profit organization made up of foreign and Japanese residents. The group would like to invite all members of the community interested in getting involved in future performances on stage or behind the scenes should send an email indicating their interest to the address listed below.

The show will will be performed in English, with subtitles in Japanese at Himawari Hall ( in Marunouchi on April 10th at 7pm, April 11th at 1pm and 6:30pm and April 12th at 1pm and 5pm.

Pre-sale tickets are ¥2,000
(Student groups please enquire about group discounts) available at:

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