The Charisma of Halloween

The Sexy

Parties? Yeah, I’ve seen my share. I’ve slid naked down the spiral staircase rail at Gatsby’s, through a shower of perfumed confetti, and into a pool filled with glistening skin and champagne. I’ve gone deep, down the rabbit hole at secret after-gig hotel penthouse parties with Motley Crue, The Rolling Stones, and Bill Cosby (my memories of that last one are kinda vague, though). I’ve partied with the A-listers at the Playboy Mansion in 72-hour debauchery marathons that would make Elvis’ sheets stiff, and his toes curl.

But I’ve never, ever, in all my years of shameless, rarely legal hedonistic adventures, been to a party quite like The Sexy Halloween. This event is to club parties what a sleepless night of carnal desire in a love hotel is to a business conference stay-over at the Hilton. Like LSD is to Disneyland. Like quitting your job as election van glove-waver and going straight to #1 table dancer at the Pink Rhino. The difference, in word: it’s Enriched. This one takes things to the next level after the next level, which is like, at least two levels more than you were originally thinking. Which is like, a lot, dude. They’ve got decorations to boot! Colorful, professional works of art to walk through, for days! Inspired deco to transport you to another, scary world, coming out their hoo-hars!

Picture yourself… milling through a massive, ghostly crowd of freaks in real bamboo forests, passing creepy, weeping willows, and a spooky well in the floor. As you follow the darkened corridors, watch out for lurking, wide-eyed monsters and hanging, beheaded mannequins. Get your booze in syringe shots and catheter bags from a secret, mythical bar, staffed with sex-crazed, scantily clad zombie nurses.

With the best club sound system in town, Club Mago will be churning out a sonic tidal wave of solid dance sound, featuring an all-star studded line up of veteran techno and trance DJs. The party overflows across the corridor, to Vio, where belly dance shows, caged go-go dancers and professional pole dancers showcase their eye-catching talent for mixing sensational skills with over-the-top, themed costume excess. Yet more DJs spin their magic and fill the space with succulent beats here, and as you stumble, reeling and confused through the chaos, discover yet another perpetual wall of sound in the adjacent Gallery. A ¥100,000 costume prize is up for grabs, both 23:00 Friday AND 24:00 Saturday nights. Competition for most over-the-top and original attire is fierce, indeed, so you’ll need to pull out all the stops if you want to be in it with a chance.

How to win the costume contest:
Any time before 22:30 Friday/23:30 Saturday, show the number on your purchased ticket at the door(presale/same day tickets accepted), and ask our reception staff to put you on the contest list. Gather between the cages in front of the stage in Vio Lounge at 23:00 Friday/24:00 Saturday, and BE THERE when your number is called. Walk the stage and wow both the crowd, and our judges. Late entries will not be accepted. Judges will meet backstage immediately following to decide the winner, and that entrant’s number will be announced shortly afterwards. BE THERE when your number is called to collect your ¥100,000 cash prize. How easy is that??

The Sexy Halloween Party starts at 21:00 both nights, and goes through til late. I am making a comeback for this. You might have thought you’d seen the last of me. But if you did, you were wrong, kids. Very wrong.

Tick tock, tick tock.

The Sexy Halloween. Be there, or be damned to an eternity of mediocre!

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Penned from the other sideof the grave
by The Ghost of Charisma Man
(vicariously edited by: The Ghost of Dan Speight

10.15 NM2

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