The Cerveza: The Corner opens a new fusion Mexican restaurant!

A great new Mexican fusion restaurant has opened up in the Endoji shopping Arcade between Nagoya Station and The Nagoya International Center. Brought to you by Takehiro Bannaka – who also owns The Corner Burger – The Cervesa is a Mexican restaurant with a bit of Japanese flair.

The menu features a value priced lineup of all your Mexican favorites. However a few items are unique, spicing up some dishes with things you might not expect if this were a typical Tex-Mex eatery.

For example the fajitas come in beef, pork – which is locally sourced from Atsumi, chicken – in teriyaki sauce, and lamb – that’s right – lamb fajitas with a touch of the French spice dukkha. Anyone who has tasted The Corner’s specialty burgers will love these.
Fish taco lovers will rejoice when choosing from their selection of hard shell tacos which include carne asada, pork, and chicken teriyaki.

Other more standard items include enchiladas, nachos and quesadillas. Some of these are available in regular or large portion sizes.

One thing that you won’t find anywhere else is their rotisserie chicken tortillas. These come with five kinds of sauces including Mexican, verde, mole, chipotle and roha. The chicken is succulent and tender and you roll it up with the spices of your choice – very nice!

Naturally, with Mexican food you are gong to want beer – and they have a selection of over 30 kinds to choose from, including Heartland on tap.
One drink you will definitely want to try, especially in summer, is their frozen margarita. Frosty and loaded with – well loaded – these come in regular or “yard” size. Big, yummy and colorful these are going to make The Cerveza truly famous. Also Bannaka-san assures me that drink specials and happy hours are also coming soon.

The Cerveza is located in the Endoji shopping arcade which is kind of a smaller and hipper version of Osukannon. The shop is just around the corner from – The Corner!

The Cerveza
2-19-25 Nagono, Nishi-ku
Tel: (052) 462-9003

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