The Big Joy Bikini Contest! – Saturday 8/10, 2013

Nishiki’s American-style dining bar BJ has developed a reputation for bringing the “Big Joy”. On Saturday, August 10, they’ll be bringing a bar-load of that big joy to your summer vacation when they’ll host Nagoya’s biggest and hottest bikini contest!

Kicking off at 7pm, the BJ staff will begin by showing off their skill with a bottle-juggling flair cocktail mixing show which will be followed up at 8pm by a sexy pole dancing show featuring the sweet style of Sugar Cube.

But this spectacle is all just a warm up for the “Biggest Joy”: The BJ Bikini Contest!
Contestants stand on the bar counter and strike a pose in their sexy bikinis while holding a sexy BJ cocktail. For every punter who buys their particular cocktail, contestants will be awarded a point. There will be judges rating the contestants on form, style and grace.

The winner will be decided by a mix of the judges’ opinions and the number of cocktails contestants are able to convince customers to drink. Even if you don’t want to join the actual contest, just wearing a bikini and having two x chromosomes (sorry Borat) is enough to entitle you to free drinks all night!

The fun isn’t just for bikini-clad vixens, however; bikini spectators will be treated to specially discounted drinks and food (all ¥500) all night. Don’t miss Nagoya’s wildest bikini contest at BJ!

American Dining Bar BJ
3-minute walk from Sakae Station Exit 1.
Open: Monday – Thursday 17:00 – 24:00. Friday and Saturday 17:00 – 01:30.
Closed: Sundays
Tel: (052) 973-4560

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