The Aroma Sexy June 9th

They say all good things must come to an end. I say the same is true for everything you’ve had an absolute gutful of. And to demonstrate that this is more than mere optimism, I present the case of this year’s Narnia-class Nagoya winter.

All those shivering, miserable days when your disdain for the elements was so intense that you’d rather chew cardboard than venture outside in search of an edible morsel that wasn’t already deeply lodged inside a passing glacier. Yes, it seemed to drag on forever. But, by hook or crook, we got through it. And it’s all good from here-on in. Our penance has been well and truly paid, and the great orb in the sky is back, with a cheeky grin. The sky is blue, the air is warm and gentle on your cheek, the birds are chirping, and we’re excitedly polishing our party glasses. Gone is the season of lamenting, “we weren’t meant to live like this, somebody hurry up and invent the bloody wheel already!”, and come is the time to say “yeeee haaaarrrrrr!” Git yawl crazy on!!!”

The Sexy is back.

Nagoya’s most tasteful sexy event returns June 9th with a bullet, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that we’ve added some hitherto unseen touches of brilliance and inspired panache. While you’ve been rightfully hibernating, The Sexy has been quietly evolving. And as the re-invented butterfly emerges from the cocoon and spreads its new wings for the first time, Nagoya will witness something of true, long-awaited beauty.

Get ready for… The Aroma Sexy, quite possibly Nagoya’s first ever truly clean-air, “No-Smoking” club event. We’ve taken away all that nasty pollution that gets in your hair, your clothes and your skin and makes you wonder why you bothered getting all dolled up. This time, we will make it totally worth your while to get your fave snazzy duds on. But it wouldn’t be fair to just take, so in keeping with the community spirit of The Sexy, we’re also going to give something back.

In place of that acrid smoke to which you’ve become all-too accustomed, The Sexy revelers will get a treat that’s kind to the honker, and nourishing to the soul. Get ready for the totally awesome Sexy Aroma machine, proudly brought to you by Love House, Nagoya!! Arrive smelling good, and go home smelling better! Love House aroma store’s eternally-smiling Mai and Junk are providing this heavenly new service, which will billow forth scented air all night, teasing the olfactories, and making you wonder why you don’t always feel this good.

Complementing the smoke-free, aroma-charged atmosphere, The Aroma Sexy will feature house-themed dance music from prominent local DJs dij, Mai and Paulo AtNight.

Devilishly-creative and meteorically-rising local pole dance stars Kumi and Yuki, from Gold Betty school will be back, to dazzle and impress. Gasp in wide-eyed awe as these nubile muses of the pole present their latest, exciting rendition of gravity-defying, cutting-edge pole dance prowess.

Toyohashi-based belly dance team “Jamyle”, led by Yuka, will bring a new and exotic touch to this Sexy. Their colorful, dynamic four-member floor performance is guaranteed to mystify and delight in a way that only the world’s oldest dance style can.

But that’s not all! Rather than the predictable cliche of a set of steak knives, we’re also treating guests to the mesmerizing, gyrating delights of Sexy cage dancers Aki, Yui and Aya, who’ll be turning up the heat from behind the cold, steel bars of the indomitable Sexy Cages in super-sexy garb that’s hard to beat. But we invite you to try!

And in the spirit of a summer Sexy on steroids, an amped-up selection of sponsors will be bringing yet more irresistible delights for all to enjoy. Check out what they’re got in store for you and your friends:

Power English School, located conveniently inside Shooter’s Sports Bar in Fushimi is giving away a massive 25-lesson package to the winner of the door prize contest, so be sure to keep your entry ticket and listen out for your number during the 10:00 prize draw. Power English offers an unbeatable array of teachers from all over the English speaking world, an impressive online curriculum, incorporating the technology of iPads in class, and Skype lessons. They also offer Japanese lessons too! At The Aroma Sexy they will be hosting a FREE body painting booth all night, with local artist Robert Moore

Luce ladies’ salon, in cooperation with Beleza men’s body waxing, is hosting a nude jewelry booth, where pure gold body jewelry designs will be available at the event, at a price, while stocks last. Gold is not cheap, but it certainly separates you from the crowd. You’ll not only look stunning all night, but depending on wear and tear, you can expect these beautiful and elegant designs to last from between a week and a month. Luce studio, situated right by the TV tower, also has an extensive menu of Brazilian waxing, body coloring (otherwise known as spray-on tans), and eyelash extensions.

Hot and Sexy lingerie store, located in Toshincho next to Arena night club will also be on board for this summer’s first Sexy. Mel’s store offers a comprehensive and range of decidedly naughty room wear, sizzling swim wear and irresistible beauty products for ladies, with an eye-catching Brazilian touch.

Now I’ll admit that’s all a lot to remember, so let’s get back to the juice:

The Aroma Sexy
June 9th, 7:30 to 11:30
Gen’s 2nd (Sakae, exit 9)
¥2,500 with a drink included

Visual delights galore, and you’re allowed to come as sexy as you like. Be there, or miss out big time, and cry it out over a hot mug of cocoa.

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