The ACCJ's Winter Meet & Greet "Meximas" – December 6, 2013

a207918132928a5d71aa6_lThe ACCJ cordially invites you to join us for the ACCJ winter Meet & Greet, “Meximas”.

Everyone loves Mexican food! And we all love the festive season. Therefore, it has become a Living in Chubu tradition to combine the two for our annual party to celebrate Christmas with great Tex-Mex food in a casual environment.

It is a great chance to catch up with friends, colleagues and reminisce over the year gone by over drinks and tacos. There will be a good range of fillings to suit everyone. We look forward to seeing everybody there!

Bruce McCaughan, Chair
Sean O’Connell, Vice Chair
ACCJ Chubu – Living in Chubu Committee

Nonmembers are welcome for this event, and anyone can register through mail to

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