The 59’s: The Super Double Bacon Cheese Burger

Tom Fallon

In Sakae’s bastard lovechild of late-night Roppongi and vintage America, The 59’s Sports Bar & Diner, there lies in wait a behemoth…  a leviathan of a burger!!!  With a fun-loving staff and a convivial crew of regulars, 59’s boasts a welcoming atmosphere and is the perfect place to order a beer and a burger, and soak in all the kitsch. And, when it comes to burgers in Nagoya… Well, let’s loosen up our belts, and get into this…

“We’re gonna need a bigger boat…” That’s all I could think with my toothpick haphazardly dangling from my gaping mouth and my unfixing eyes glazing over in their best bewildered Roy Scheider impression. 59’s main man, Taka, cooked me up something that not only changed my personal definition of a “bacon cheese burger”, but also managed to induce meat sweats on sight alone. Hell, I’m gettin’ meat sweats just remembering this anecdote!
I was told at the door that this was going to be a significant burger, but my cocky swagger was focused on the two cuties sitting to my left, and thus full comprehension of what my buddy, Taka, was about to set in front of me had not yet been realized. But then, there it was…  Captain Ahab himself would be awed by the size of this baby!!

So, with giggling girls waiting to see if I could handle Taka’s meat, I shook off that ghost-faced Roy Scheider pose and wrapped my hands around a life changing experience: 59’s Special Double Bacon Cheese Burger. All jokes and meat sweats aside, this was a magnificent burger! With two enormous beef patties and a fat chunk of block bacon, this delicious specialty dish has since changed my burger reality. So, long story short, 59’s burgers are EPIC!!

Vital Statistics:

Meat: Two hearty beef patties, super thick slice of bacon
Bun: A toasted white bread sesame bun
Fries: Traditional style fries cooked in a light oil. No ketchup necessary!
Condiments: Lettuce, tomato, yellow cheese, pepper
Epic Win:: That FAT slice of bacon!
Dr. Seuss Would… eat this with a fox. The Special Double Bacon Cheese Burger (…wait for it…) ROCKS!!

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