The 59s: The Crispy, Smoky BBQ Burger

You may have heard the news that Japan is trying to bring in a smoking ban for restaurants. However, this seemingly sensible law is facing some resistance in parliament. This, you may think, is crazy. But, my presumption is that those lawmakers who are in opposition to the smoky ban are under the misapprehension that it also includes The 59s Crispy Smoky BBQ Burger.

This is a phenomenal burger of 150 gram, 100% beef, oozing with cheddar cheese, topped with a juicy tomato, lettuce, fried onions and bacon so rich, sharp and crispy that you could cut yourself with it when shaving. But what makes this burger stand out, even in the huge selection that 59s has (there are over 15 on the menu, before you even consider that manager and absolute legend Taka will happily make one to your own specifications) is the super smoky BBQ sauce that is handmade on the premises.

Smoky is cool. Were it to be banned, it would be an unconscionable crime.

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