The 22nd Nagoya Charity Walkathon

Walkathon_NewMenu“These boots were made for walkin’, and that’s just what they’ll do! One of these days these boots are gonna…” walk all over Moricoro Park! And the way things are shaping up this year those boots may very well belong to a couple of storm troopers straight out of the Star Wars Trilogy! That’s right, with spring in the air and a spring in our step, it’s time to get charitable and join the Nagoya Walkathon 2013 on May 19th!

2013 finds the Walkathon celebrating 22 years of giving back to the Chubu Community. This year’s target of 8 million yen will help orphans, victims of child abuse, the physically or emotionally challenged, and people coping with illnesses such as HIV/Aids and cancer.  And as was done last year, ¥1,000,000 will be sent to a charity organization helping people in the Tohoku area. While it is always a pleasure and a challenge to help so many members of our own community, there remains a need to help those in the Tohoku area.  Despite continuing efforts, there is still so much to do in that area and still many charities trying to get back to where they were before the earthquake. Moreover, a group of the charities that the Walkathon donates to will be there in the “Charity Zone” displaying the great work they do to help those in our community and showing where everyone’s generous donations actually go to. Now is the time to step up! The Walkathon needs your help!

This year’s Walkathon event is shaping up to be truly unique in comparison to years past. The actual “Walk” part of the event is still a 1.3 Km stroll around the park. But, this time around a whole hodgepodge of kooky fun costumed characters from all corners of the community will be joining the event! Walkathon participants are encouraged to come in their favorite cosplay attire as well. The more the merrier!

For those of you tenderfoot Nagoyans who are still a bit wet behind the ears, let us elaborate on our fair city’s most exciting international charity festival. Since the beginning, the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) and Nagoya International School (NIS) have been working to bring the international community and Japanese friends and businesses together to raise money for local orphanages and charities. Additionally, the ACCJ and NIS created this annual charity event not only to raise money for those in need, but they’ve also ingeniously created an all-day family oriented party with a variety live music that promotes fitness through walking! That’s like three birds with one stone!

Not only is participation in this monumental international charity event healthy for your body and soul, but as always purchasing an entry ticket gets you a stylish Walkathon t-shirt, a whole day’s worth of excellent live music, and entry into the super sweet raffle which includes awesome prizes such as holiday packages, airline tickets, Hilton Hotel vouchers, and lots more! Standard adult tickets are ¥2000, but student and child tickets are ¥1000. There are also a limited number of special tickets available for ¥5000 which will grant the holder eligibility to win a holiday package including airfare! These special tickets will sell out fast so we suggest you inquire about them ASAP. Tickets are available through the ACCJ.

If charity, health, music, and costumed characters isn’t enough to have you hitching a ride out to Moricoro Park, then loosen your belt and bring your fork because this year as always all your favorite local Nagoya restaurants will be volunteering there time and talents to bring you the most delicious street vending foods this side of the Pacific! The “International Gourmet Street” is receiving a serious upgrade with lots of different types of food stalls. Local vendors such as Shooters, Coat of Arms, The Meat Guy, Red Rock, and MyBar among others will be offering up a wide variety of tasty food and beverages.

The 22nd Nagoya Walkathon International Charity Festival

Sunday, May 19th
Moricoro Park Global Center

¥2,000 Adults, ¥1,000 Students
Special Tickets available for ¥5,000

Take the Higashiyama subway line to Fujigaoka station, transfer onto the Linimo line, Get off at Ai-Chikyuhaku-Kinen-Koen station.
facebook: NagoyaWalkathon

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