The 18th Annual HOPE Gala
March 1, 2019

The 2019 HOPE Gala will be extraordinary indeed. Why? Because it is a Masquerade Ball!

With the masquerade theme you will be reminded how we are all equal. Whether we live in abundant Japan or in rural Cambodia, we have the same needs and desires for our families, that they may have the freedom and resources to be self-reliant. What defines you? Your nationality, your race, your clothes, your face.

For a night, strip all of that away and put on a mask for equality. Join us for HOPE’s masquerade ball where “who you are” isn’t as important as “the content of your spirit.”

By partnering with people around the world, HOPE International Development Agency, Japan (HOPE-JP) works through the medium of sustainable development to eradicate extreme poverty and help families achieve self-reliance. We work in numerous countries across Asia and Eastern Africa, and our projects focus on supporting communities with long term access to clean water, training on health & sanitation, micro-credit to kick start income generating activities, and education.

Special thanks goes to the Hilton Nagoya, for their heartfelt hospitality and support.

Program Includes:

  1. Reception with Welcome Drinks : 18:00
  2. Formal Start of the Evening Program : 18:30
  3. Silent Auction and Raffle Sales
  4. #gameforHOPE
  5. Fine Dining
  6. Video and Eyewitness Report
  7. End of Part One:Around 21:00
  8. Live Auction
  9. Nijikai/After-Party, KIWAMI COCKTAIL BAR


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