The 13th Domanaka Festival – August 26-28th, 2011

The Domanaka Matsuri is going to take place in the center of Nagoya this weekend. It is the largest dance festival in the Chuba region, with 210 dance teams and 23,000 performers taking part yearly. Highlights include souodori, a mass dance joined by both performers and viewers alike, and the final dance contest.

“The rules of the festival state that each dancer must hold a naruko, or clapper, and that a melody from a local folk tune of the participants’ home area must be incorporated in the music. The teams thus prepare original dances and music that give a sense of their local culture. The greatest characteristic and charm of Domatsuri is that it connects people from many different areas and countries, and gives them an opportunity to vitalize local communities as well as to create and pass on new cultural expressions.”

The dancers are amazing, the atmosphere great – and it’s all free! Just head over to Sakae this weekend and you won’t have trouble finding the fun.

For more info, check out the official site.

Photos by Alexander Hadjidakis

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