Teppanyaki Loire

If you are like me, (ok… as old as me and grew up in America), then chances are your first encounter with “Japanese Food” was at Benihana or some other similar “Flair-style” teppanyaki restaurant. Most likely they offered up a fun (if hokey) performance that involved throwing shrimp in the air and otherwise treating food as entertainment. It was fun but let’s be honest – not very tasty.

A lot of travelers to Japan imagine that the country is just chock-a-block full of the same kind of place they are used to back home, and of course nothing could be further from the truth. In fact an authentic Japanese teppanyaki restaurant is hard to come by – especially in Nagoya

Fortunately, whenever someone asks me to recommend a teppanyaki restaurant, I have a ready suggestion and not only is it conveniently located, it is awesome good. Located on the second floor off the Tokyu Hotel in Sakae, Loire Teppanyaki is both sophisticated and relaxing.

Here the teppanyaki tables are wide and the seating is comfortable, accommodating up to ten guests. No matter how many people you come with you will be served personally by the chef, delivering your course with a live cooking performance at your table in a relaxed yet attentive manner.

The best thing about Loire is the steak, which is especially sourced from around Japan by the chefs who select only the most tender and mouth-watering Japanese wagyu beef you will ever eat. This is served with a variety of condiments including, shoyu (soy sauce), Garlic infused shoyu, fine salt and wasabi. Honestly the beef is simply awesome without anything – but I tried a little of everything to see what I liked most. Their garlic sauce is pretty magic stuff, and I never imagined how great wasabi would be with such buttery steak!

Loire has a variety of courses to chose from. The lunch menu is quite affordable and includes an appetizer, your choice of beef, grilled veggies and a salad. The meal is finished off with miso soup and fried garlic rice.

At dinner they offer additional items like prawns, a foie gras steak with truffle sauce and fresh abalone as well. Obviously the sky is the limit so once you get into this territory you are eating for the pleasure of fine dining and not so concerned about your budget.

Loire is a great spot for company get-togethers, and as you would expect from a high end hotel, they are very accommodating in terms of helping you pick out a course menu for your group.

On a side note they have an extensive wine selection which, due to the connection with the adjoining French restaurant, is of extremely high quality.

If you have a bucket list of “Where to eat in Nagoya” You should put Loire on it!

Loire Teppanyaki
Nagoya Tokyu Hotel 2F
4-6-8 Sakae, Naka-ku

Lunch: 11:30~14:30
Dinner: 17:30~22:00
Reservations recommended

Tel: (052) 251-7330

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