Sunshine Sakae voted world’s shittest Ferris wheel

Sunshine Sakae, the famous Nagoyan landmark in the centre of Sakae’s shopping district, has been named the world’s shittest Ferris wheel by the leading experts on observation wheels, the Wheely Awesome Society.

“This is something we have been working really hard towards for a long time,” said Ai Kodama, President of the Sunshine Organisation that owns and runs the wheel. “Despite the huge funding available to us and a prime location we have made the most uninspiring structure we possibly could.”

Architect Atsuro Tatematsu, accepting the award in front of the awe inspiring 168m High Roller wheel in Las Vegas, put the Sunshine Sakae success down to a chance trip to the UK.

“I was on business when I saw the London Eye and I was impressed. I thought to myself ‘I want to make something that is as shit as the London Eye is good?’ I can proudly say I achieved that.”

Sunshine Sakae faced stiff competition in its pursuit of the Wheely award. In third place is the Weston Eye in Weston-super-Mare, UK, which is a regular spot for violent attacks and drunken outdoor sex on Saturday nights and looks out over a vast expanse of mud where there should be sea; and in second place was the Chinese Xiamen Observator which caught fire, slipped off its hinges, and rolled for 700km causing the death of 3.7m people.

Despite the Chinese death toll, the Wheely Awesome Society believes Sunshine Sakae to be even worse than that. “There was great possibility, in a city the size of Nagoya, with the available funds and the potential scope to make a great work of art, they took all of that and made something so drab. That’s really shit, that is.”

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