Summer is SEXY!

The Party Season Officially Begins on Saturday June 15 at Mago!
Dan Speight

Long, long ago, humans roamed a different world from the one we know today. The moon was closer to the earth, the rivers ran clear, and the only hint of pollution came from the occasional plains beast’s bum hole. It was warm or hot all the time, and our kind gradually shed their body hair. We became smooth-skinned and soft-footed, and highly appreciative of products like Oil of Ulan and Johnson’s Baby Powder. You could get around as comfortably in a sarong, as you could out of one.

Modern-day life in Japan, however, is half a world away from such times. Six months of the year we huddle in flimsy, chilly shelters with rugs over our foolishly shaven balls (why the hell did I ever listen to that Brazilian guy about that?), shivering frantically in a pathetic effort to keep our fingers from freezing together before the pixelated porn of the day gets to that long-awaited money-shot.

Then one heaven-sent day, the wind direction changes. The mercury in that thermometer you’d written off as “muri” bursts back to life, and actually rises. It certainly takes a good couple months’ convincing, but winter eventually fucks off and we are left with the most glorious conditions you ever did see. Clouds melt away, hearts pump anew, and we’re beckoned outdoors to frolic in blissful, sunlit sanctuary. Yes, it’s time for a party. But not just any party.  Hot on the heels of the very popular Pink Sexy, we present to you, The Summer Sexy!

So what is The Summer Sexy you ask? Five hot, popular DJs spinning a mixture of dance-inspiring pure and pop-house. An action-packed pole-dance showcase, featuring the addition of two more stars from Nagoya’s top male and female gravity-defying talent stable. Enjoy a veritable slew of sexy, steel-caged dance.

Get Your Free Profile Photo!

For the first time at a Sexy party you will be able to get your very own original summer profile photo taken for free by our professional photographer in The Sexy Balloon Pool!  That’s right, the pool will be filled with balloons, not water. Bring your sexiest swimwear or summer outfit, sunglasses and beach hats, and pose up hard in the pool with your friends! Complete with tropical beach backdrop and palm trees. The pool will only be available until 9pm, so be sure to come early to get an awesome new, pro-quality profile pic for the summer. For free!

To get your photo sent to you to you, just register as a VIP member on

So come dressed for the summer’s hottest party in a jimbei, a yukata, Hawaiian shirt, a swimsuit or whatever makes you feel SEXY!

The Summer Sexy
• Summer Fashion Party
• Pole Dance Showcase
• Sexy Cage Go-Go Dancers
• Get your FREE Summer Profile Pic!
Photos taken (7pm-9pm only)
• Healthy Macrobiotic Food Menu

Lounge Vio in Club Mago, Flex Bldg
Shin Sakae
Sat 15 June 2013
ID Required
No Smoking

VIP Members ¥2,500 (1D)
Door ¥3,000 (1D)

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