Summer Festivals

Every weekend this month you can watch fireworks or enjoy a street festival. Here is our pick of all that is going on…

Nagoya Castle Night Festival
Traditionally during the Obon holiday season, Nagoya Castle is surrounded by beautiful Chochin (Japanese lanterns) and the entire Castle is illuminated by warm light. Enjoy the old school feel of this festival, with bon dancing, fair booths and a few beers and delicious food in the beer gardens around the Castle.
Shiyakusho Station, Meijokoen Station

The Tokai Festival
8/8 | 20:30
This event will see Nagoya ablaze with over 4000 fireworks launched in the middle of the city, which means you can oh and ah from almost anywhere in Nagoya. Make sure you’re around for the last day of fireworks – word on the street they are the best!
Otagawa Station, Shin-nittetsumae Station

Japan Line Summer Festival,
Noryo Fireworks
8/12 | 19:30~20:20
Get your cameras ready for fireworks launched from the picturesque Kiso River with Inuyama Castle as your backdrop.  And don’t come to this festival with a full stomach – there will be a huge 200 food stands for you to gorge on.
Inuyama Yuen Station

Noubidai Fireworks
8/14 | 19:30~20:45
This infamous fireworks festival in Ichinomiya is not to be missed. Watch the Ichinomiya skies light up with a massive launch of 5000 fireworks – the grandest display in the area.
Shin Ichinomiya Station, Owari Ichinomiya Station

Kariya Wansaka Festival
The Wansaka Festival will be going out with a bang! Make sure you stay around for their impressive take on a fireworks finale at Kariya. Sogo Undo Koen
Fujimatsu Station, Hitotsugi Station

Nishio and Yonezu River Festival
8/15 | 19:30~20:30
This traditional festival originated to mourn people who died in the war. Imagine now a moving spectacle of over 2000 lanterns being launched in the river, floating against a backdrop of 3000 firework launches. This touching event is one not to be missed.
Yonezu Bridge

Utsumi Chunichi Fireworks Festival
8/17 | 19:00~20:30
Who wants to stand up to watch fireworks? What better way to enjoy a pyrotechnics display than lay on Utsumi Beach. If you fancy sitting, don’t forget to bring your beach chair – or bikini!
Utsumi Station

Mihama Big Bang 2015
This truly unique festival has so much to offer and is not your typical fireworks event. Not only do they have a huge fireworks display; you can also be part of their explosive summer celebration with music, lasers, lights and special effects.
Utsumi Station

Hirokoji Matsuri
8/22~23 | 17:00~21:00
This massive summer event of floats and music parades that attracts over 500,000 people will see the streets between Fushimi and Hisaya-odori blocked for foot traffic only!  Check out all the fun stalls, chow down on fried food and then wash it down with beer. Don’t miss out on the huge parade from 17:00 and the fireworks later in the night.
Sakae to Fushimi Stations

Domannaka Festival
Over two million people visit this huge dance competition every year. Get loose with festival goers at Sou Odori where everyone gets their boogie on, and be sure to see the last day’s final contest of the dancers as they battle it out for the top spot on stage.
Hisaya Odori Station, Sakae Station

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