Education Feature: Kuwana Forest International School

Mission Statement

“Kuwana Forest International Preschool is dedicated to offering a stimulating, cross-cultural English learning environment with a solid base of life-success skills for happiness, health and interpersonal communication.”

The story behind Kuwana Forest:

As parents, we want the best for our children. We want them to be healthy, happy and successful. However, success is all-too-often defined in terms of academic goalposts, career milestones and material achievement – at the cost of neglecting happiness and health. We believe that young children benefit more in the long-term from thorough early-years encouragement of practical life skills such as adaptability, resourcefulness and resilience, than from simple wrote-learning information retention. We must prepare our children to thrive in a rapidly changing world, where technology is rapidly dissolving international borders, and transforming work and living environments. 

By providing a safe environment in which to experiment, learn a discover their strengths, we can help prepare children to thrive while prioritizing their happiness and health, in any situation. 

At Kuwana Forest International Preschool we believe that learning: 

  • how to communicate well and navigate interpersonal relationships skillfully,
  • how to approach life with a positive attitude and surround yourself with positive people, 
  • how to develop confidence and a strong sense of identity
  • how to think critically and filter out useful information
  • and how to solve problems effectively

…are all integral skills to learning how to be happy and healthy, and truly successful in life. 

We aim to assist young learners in becoming:

  • Adaptable
  • Communicative
  • Resourceful 
  • Resilient
  • Socially Adapted
  • Physically and Emotionally Healthy

We strive to achieve our goals through:

  • Discovering what you want in life and developing confidence in your ability to achieve it.
  • Understanding the value of goal-setting and grit. Knowing the importance of failure on the path to success, and the joy of striving for something you are passionate about, rather than simply following instructions. 
  • Logical reasoning, interpersonal communication and conflict resolution skills, for harmonious and productive relationships in the home, socially, and at work. 
  • Personal management skills for emotional regulation.
  • Early-years stimulation of neural-motor pathways for physical coordination, balance, physical strength and posture. 

Our students practice a daily floor-mat exercise program targeting the major joints and muscle groups, as well as core and inner muscle zones for optimal posture maintenance. We incorporate daily outdoor recreation activities throughout the year, with a focus on navigating undulating terrain for joint mobility and foot strength. We encourage students to push their comfort zones and discover the joy of mastering new domains, while at the same time providing musculo-skeletal integrity, as a preventative from the ill-effects of an increasingly sedentary world.

Kuwana Forest’s student intake for 2019 is limited, with a maximum class size of 16 students. 

Prospective students will be considered based on age and ability, with preference given to those aiming to follow the program through to graduation. We are affiliated with Mie International School, and hope to see our leaving students pursue their international primary education and beyond, as opportunities to join the widening global community continue to grow.

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