Smash Head: Double Cheeseburger

Smash Head, Osu’s coolest chill out spot, serves up some mean burgers. I had the opportunity to chow down on a Double Cheeseburger, and it hit the spot.

The Heinz burger buns and burger patties grilled in front of your eyes give off a serious street food vibe, which is a welcome change from the more cafe-style offerings served up at other places. Cover that whole thing in melted cheddar cheese, and you have a serious burger.

It would be a crime to write about Smash Head without mentioning their monthly burger specials. Bored with the same old stuff?  Smash Head’s monthly burgers range from variations on classic burgers to more exotic combinations. May is a burger with chili con carne in it; April had a burger with corned beef as a topping. They’re not always something you would think of, but they are always delicious.

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