Smash Head: 100% Beef Burger

Smash Head is famous for being Osu’s best diner. Not only is it stylish and a great spot to get burgers and beer, what most people don’t realize is that right behind that big red Osukannon temple lies one of Nagoya’s best spots for burger grazing.

Meat to bun ratio:
The bun is perfect for sucking up those tender meaty juices. Which is good, because this burger packs one juicy patty. 100% beef – ground at the shop.

The fixins:
Lettuce and cheese.  Smash Head’s burger architects weren’t joking when they called this one the “100% beef” burger. A spread of mustard adds some variety to the burger. If you’re after a lot of toppings, the popular Smash Burger, which has bacon, egg and a bunch of other things might be more up your alley. This burger puts the focus all on the delicious home ground beef.

Wedges, or you can choose onion rings. The wedges are cripsy on the outside and fluffy on the side.

I would recommend this place because…
This is a meat lovers burger and it is built around the magnificient centerpiece of a really big slab of meat. If you are a carnivore then this is the burger for you.
– Rangi TM

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