Skillet Diner: Mexican Chili Cheese Burger

This unassuming eatery in the heart of Nagakute has a menu which reads like the great Americana cookbook. It is filled with the best eats from sea to shining sea: fried catfish, cheesesteak, gumbo and even meatloaf. But the skillet skills of owner and chef Buma-san really shine when assembling the gastronomical challenge that is the Mexican Chili Cheese Burger.

Topped with chili, cheddar, Jalepeno and sour cream, 2 culinary cultures collide between toasted sesame buns. The patty, lovingly crafted from a quarter-pound blend of Aussie and Japanese beef, is good, but the real star here is the chili.

A secret recipe, Buma-san refuses to give up the blend of fine spices that go in with the onions, garlic and kidney beans. But whatever it is, it’s got kick; not so much that the cooling dollop of sour cream can’t tame,but don’t get cocky or you just might find yourself taken down a peg by the pickled jalapeños. The Diner offers a number of sides like onion rings and fries, but their amazing nachos are a better fit for this south of the border beauty.

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