Sinful Sexy Snacks at The SKE48 Cafe

“Yo! Where do all the high school girls hang-out at?!” Is that the burning question on the tip of your tongue? Well, we can’t make you promises, but why not check out the new SKE48 Cafe & Shop at Sunshine Sakae? If nothing else, you can catch an eyeful of glossy underage girls and sweaty reclusive oyajis.

The SKE48 Cafe & Shop is the newest Nagoya hotspot for all your barely-legal idol needs, such as pictures, DVDs, t-shirts, uniforms(?!), and toys(?!). But wait!! This treasure trove is way more than a gift/accessory shop.

It’s a sinful little cafe as well, including specials from all your favorite SKE48 members. Try Miss Tomoko Kato’s lip-smacking fuwafuwa-mokomoko don (fluffy-bubbly rice bowl)! Or, indulge in Miss Anna Ishida’s koakuma niku manma (lil’ devil meat mama)! Enlighten your dark side, and come have a cute little giggle. Best accessed via Sakae station exit 8. Parking in the front or rear is NOT permitted… Punishable by head shearing…


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