Sienna: Super Jack Bacon Burger

Famous for being a daringly unconventional fusion bar in a nation that veers towards the pigeonhole, Sienna West Coast Dining is a restaurant that takes its food seriously, handpicking and hand making everything they can. It is that rare thing of being an upmarket international establishment but with prices that seem incongruous due to their relative lowness.

Meat to bun ratio:
They are particularly proud of their buns, and with good reason. Baked freshly on sight, these black sesame topped buns have been painstakingly developed to get the perfect balance of light fluffiness to thick potato (that’s right, the buns are made with mashed potato) sweetness. There is more bun than I usually look for in a burger, but that really doesn’t matter when the bread is as good as this.

The fixins:
At first the Super Jack Bacon Cheeseburger looks a touch on the small side compared to the gut-busters you can get elsewhere, and I was beginning to regret having worked up an appetite on the bike ride to Takaoka. But as well as the potato bun you find avocado cream; thick hand-sliced, home-cured bacon; Jack cheese; and nestling within is the dark smoky hint of a truffle oil mayo. But the thing that got me was the thick patty of sirloin and chuck steak mix (no pork sneaks in) that just smashes you around the chops with its meaty beefiness. This is a seriously sexy burger.

The fries:
I wouldn’t want to share – the taste is out of this world. Hand cut wedges, double fried to get a texture akin to deep fried cumulus clouds.

I would recommend this place because…
It just goes to show that a restaurant in Japan doesn’t have to be an X restaurant or a Y restaurant, it can do a variety of styles, but still offer extremely high quality.
– Mark Guthrie

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