Sienna: Blue Bacon Burger

Sienna puts blue cheese to good use, adorning 175 grams of the finest beef atop their Blue Bacon Burger. An already excellent burger on its own, I recommend having it prepared smoked, a new service they offer for all their foods. Covering the plate in a glass bowl in which they pump mesquite smoke, the result leaves your meal hidden in a mysterious vapor that smells of every barbeque you enjoyed as a child. The aforementioned chuck and sirloin mixed patty is served between a potato bread bun, baked fresh in house, and topped with a couple slices of smoked bacon. On your first bite you’ll notice right away that even the bread has absorbed the smokey flavor, all of which is accentuated, not over-powered, by the melted blue cheese.

This is a burger meant to be savored, and, unlike many burgers that have to be served with a bib, it holds well enough together that you can take your time with it. Which is something Sienna is famous for, a warm and comfortable atmosphere where you want to linger, and perhaps enjoy a bottle of Shakespeare Stout, or any of their many craft beers. Not your normal grab it and go fare, the Blue Bacon Burger from Sienna is an experience that will change you, if only to realize that blue cheese is freaking awesome.

2F ISH Izumi Bldg, 1-6-30 Izumi, Higashi-ku
17:30~24:00 Tues-Sun, Closed Mon
(052) 898-5080

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