Shopping and Dining in Nagoya

NCVB-CoverRecently NAGMAG, in conjunction with Centrair airport and the The Nagoya Convention and Visitors Bureau published a guide to shopping and dining in Nagoya. After a year of research we are happy to present this companion feature celebrating the best that Nagoya has to offer.

You can find more information on all the places mentioned here at the mobile-friendly website, including maps, shop opening times and more (in 4 languages!) along with a specially produced free digital publication for the iPad.  Just point your browser to!

Nagoya Station

As the city’s transportation hub, Nagoya Station is a stop on every major rail line coming into the city. Once a rather sleepy part of town with a rather dingy station, today Meieki is home to ever more towering buildings and a growing number of places to shop and eat. If you are interested in trying some local food you are in luck as this area has lots to choose from.

Where to Eat

Gomitori Nagoya was actually the very first izakaya (Japanese-style pub) in Nagoya and you can sample a variety of delicious Nagoya specialty menu items at their Nagoya Station shop. They offer Nagoya Cochin dishes, fresh seafood from the local market, grilled skewers of meat and lots more. Be sure to check out their other shop in Sakae. Tel: (052) 588-7772

Among the many Nagoya-meishi shops you will find in the ESCA building in Nagoya is
Hitsumabushi Bincho, which specializes in serving authentic hitsumabushi. Here the chefs are specially trained and use only the highest quality ingredients and traditional methods. The result is that crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside tasty tasty grilled eel goodness that you can only get in Nagoya! Located in the ESCA Building Tel: (052) 451-5557.

If you are interested in more traditional Japanese food served with Nagoyan flair then try Furari Sushi. They offer sushi as well as a variety of other menu items that cater to a western palate such as kushi (stuff on a stick) and superb tempura. The sushi is delicious and reasonably priced – from ¥120 – and is made using fresh fish delivered from all over Japan. Furari Sushi has two shops, one at Nagoya Station Tel: (052) 588-6540 and another in Fushimi near The Hilton Nagoya. Tel: (052) 218-6331

Interested in something a bit more retro? Then check out Kululu. Enjoy the comfortable Edo Period atmosphere and calm jazz music. Their creative Japanese dishes including purebred Nagoya Cochin chicken, carefully selected seasonal food and fresh seafood directly delivered from the market. All just 5 mins walk from Nagoya Station!  Tel: (052) 541-7772

Want to try the very best Misokatsu, Tebasaki and Kishimen? You can sample all of these and more at Maruhachi Shokudou. Famous establishments like Yabaton, Torikai Souhonke and other popular Nagoya-meshi shops are all in one place. Tel: (052) 564-7581

Crab is extremely popular in Nagoya and one of the best spots to eat it is at and Sapporo Kani-Honke. Here you will find authentic crab cuisine and a Japanese atmosphere with fun yet traditional decorations. Their kimono-clad staff make the experience of eating some of the most beautiful crab dishes in the city all the more enjoyable. Tel: (052) 583-0012

If you like chicken, especially chicken wings then you will want to head to Torikai. Specializing in Nagoya Cochin, Mikawa Red Chicken with miso and Tebasaki, Torikai has been awarded “The Best Deep-Fried Chicken” for three years in a row! Private rooms with a traditional Japanese fireplace and Japanese tea room-style are available. Tel: (052) 561-7705

Shopping at Nagoya Station

Whatever you are looking for you are spoilt for choice in the Nagoya Station area. One of the best places to find what you are looking for is the beautiful JR Nagoya Takashimaya department store. Here you will find everything you from world famous designer’s shops to great food all in a relaxing atmosphere. Duty-free service is available along with other customer services on the 11th floor. Tel: (052) 566-1101


The center of Nagoya’s shopping and nightlife, Sakae has a large number of department stores and brand name shops. The underground mall is extensive and stretches under the broad parks. Dining options abound and you can find everything from fast food to local specialities. Just a short walk away is Fushimi which is a popular place to stay.

Where to Eat

If you are interested in a “Nagoya-meshi course” head to Daruma, just a 1 minute walk from Sakae Station. The course includes all-you-can-drink from ¥3,980. They have a number of private rooms with a capacity for a small and big groups. Tel: (052) 973-2088

For a variety of Nagoya-style favorites such as Nagoya Cochin chicken, Hitsumabushi and Misonikomi Udon as well as Kyoto-style deep dried skewers and fresh seafood then head to Hanba which is located in the heart of Sakae’s famous Nishiki district. Hanba is very popular with locals and boasts a vibrant and fun atmosphere. (052) 953-8528

If it is Hitsumabushi you are after then the La Chic location of Hitsumabushi Bincho is an excellent choice. Reknown for the quality of the ingredients and the skill of there specially trained chefs. The eel is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside! Tel: (052) 259-6703

The Sakae branch of Kululu offers a variety of local Nagoya dishes which you can enjoy at comfortable hori-kotatsu, traditional tables set into the floor. Tel: (052) 241-7772

For a slightly more modern change of pace drop by Aloha Table, a relaxing Hawaiian restaurant near The Nadya Park building. Enjoy a range of Hawaiian inspired menu items, BBQ, grilled food and more. Tel: (052) 243-2777

If chicken wings are your thing then you will definitely want to drop into Makamaka. Their Golden Tebasaki and Silver Tebasaki chicken wings are famous. They also offer up a range of Nagoya-style food and a wide selection of sake and shochu! Tel: (052) 249-5526

For noodles try Mentsurubi. Their special udon noodles are made from the best ingredients, such as spring water from the Sanuki area and carefully selected wheat. Don’t miss the Kishimen noodles in Mentsurubi’s fantastic Bonito-based broth. Tel: (052) 955-2722

If you are looking for delicious crab dishes in Sakae then try the Sapporo Kani-Honke located just north of the Princess Garden Hotel. Tel: (052) 263-1161

For a bit of Asian cuisine head to Seoul Kitchen which specializes in the Korean dish Takkanmari (A pot dish with a whole chicken and vegetables in soup) and Samgyeopsal (Korean BBQ). The top chef’s awesome selections of dishes using seasonal ingredients are a must-try. Tel: (052) 265-7455

Interested in Japanese beef? Taiko Honten offers the highest class of Premium Japanese beef, known as the best beef in the world. Enjoy a traditional atmosphere and the hospitality of kimono-clad female staff. They also offer other Japanese dishes such as Sashimi and Tempura Tel: (052) 222-2323

It doesn’t get more authentically Nagoyan than Yabaton, which specializes in Misokatsu (fried pork cutlet with red miso sauce). Yabaton has been producing the best Misokatsu in Nagoya for more than 65 years.
Tel: (052) 252-8810

Where to Shop in Sakae

There are too many shops in Sakae to name. Everywhere you look it seems there is some place worth taking a look inside. In addition to the famed Mitsukoshi and Parco department stores there are a number of brand name shops as well as a few stores devoted to locally produced items. Whatever you are looking for, one thing is certain – you can find it in Sakae.

Nagoya and the surrounding areas are world famous for pearls, and no Japanese company could  be more well known for the beauty and quality of its pearls than Mikimoto. The originator of cultured pearls, Mikimoto has been dedicated to the pursuit of beauty since 1893. In addition to a wide selection of jewelery, the Mikimoto Nagoya Store also stocks an array of original gifts from their international brand. Tel: (052) 261-1808

As far as department stores go Mitsukoshi has a truly gigantic presence in Sakae. Several floors and several buildings housing the best in brand name goods, traditional Japanese fashion and tableware, an extensive floor of high quality food and much much more!
Tel: (052) 252-1111

A great place to purchase Japanese cosmetics, health supplies and many kinds of pharmaceutical products is Amano Sakae. The beauty product lines they sell such as Benefique by Shiseido and other famous brands are very popular in Nagoya. Tel: (052) 971-6586 or check out their shop at Centrair airport
Tel: (0569) 38-0570


Traditionally known for textiles and the Osu Kannon temple, Osu has become a trendy place for young Japanese to hang out. Whether you are looking for a vintage shopping experience, authentic Nagoyan street food or souvenirs you will truly enjoy this fun part of town. If you get lost, go to Komehyo where you can find a wide variety of items at reasonable prices.

Where to Eat

There are a number of street stalls and coffee shops in the Osu area worth trying; however, Osu is predominantly a shopping experience. What you will find in Osu is a retro experience mixed with a bunch of ethnic diversity.
For traditional Nagoya sweets try Aoyagi Souhonke. Named “Aoyagi” for Lord Yoshikatsu Tokugawa of Owari Domain, this shop has produced light and elegant “Aoyagi Uirou” since 1879 as well as bite-sized Uirou, Kishimen Pie and frog-shaped cakes.
Tel: (052) 231-0194

If you need a break from shopping in the Osu arcade drop by Ocha No Kakien for some tea. You can take a look at the matcha making machine in the store and purchase not only fresh roasted matcha, moujicha, and sencha but also tea products by Kakien. A great place to pick up some of the best green tea in Nagoya.
Tel: (052) 241-3477

Where to Shop

If you are looking for a bargain, an antique or something out of the ordinary then Osu is a great place to shop. The covered arcades are packed with an array of old and new shops purveying everything imaginable. It is no coincidence that Osu’s regular antique market held on the 18th and 28th is one of the most popular af its kind in the city.

When you ask most people where to shop in Osu, the most common answer is “Komehyo!” This is Japan’s largest secondhand department store. The main store has seven floors offering a wide selection of goods from casual to luxury items such as jewelry, watches, clothing, designer bags and more. The quality is incredibly high and all items look like new.
Tel: (052) 242-0088

Komehyo has a specialty store in Osu which is devoted solely to cameras and musical instruments. Here you can find the best range of high quality new and used items to choose from. Tel: (052) 220-5524

Lots of people head to Osu to buy used kimonos and kimono fabric. Komehyo has a store that is a treasure-trove of kimonos and belts. Here you will find an incredibly wide selection of quality kimonos from casual to formal at extremely reasonable prices. If you are souvenir hunting for friends and family this place has a lot to offer! Tel (052) 203-0116

For many shopping in Osu means electronics and Akky One is one of the largest electronics shops serving international customers in central Japan. This store has an enormous variety of things to choose from and their multilingual staff speak Chinese, English, Portuguese and Spanish. Tel: (052) 249-8688


Kanayama is a major transport hub and for that reason a lot of people find themselves in the area at any given time. The station is also home to Asunal, one of Nagoya’s largest shopping centers.
The Kanayama branch of Sapporo Kani-Honke provides authentic crab cuisine and a Japanese atmosphere with traditional decorations. Their hospitable staff dress in traditional kimono and serve up beautiful crab dishes.
Tel: (052) 321-7890


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