Shopping and Dining in Nagoya: What To Buy?

What to Buy?

Want to buy something unique to Nagoya?

Nagoya has a long history as a center for manufacturing and its tradition of “monozukuri” (culture of making things) is still quite evident. Whether it is modern factories producing world-class automobiles and electronics or its famous ceramics and textile industries – Nagoya makes a lot of things.

Local Crafts

Nagoya has a number local crafts including pottery, shibori and cloisonné to choose from. Whether it is China, pearls or fabric you are after you can find any number of things made right here in shops around town.


Shibori from nearby Arimatsu is a popular local craft. You can find many beautiful kimonos, ties and other goods made from this tie-dyed fabric which is all handmade and widely appreciated for its quality.

If it is ceramics or fine china you are after, the world renown Noritake company which originated in Nagoya offers an incredible selection of beautiful tableware and more to choose from. In addition you will find a number of handmade pottery also known as Setomono on sale.

Nagoya Originals

If you are searching for things to take home you can find a variety of food and sweets native to Nagoya to purchase. Nagoya is also well known in Japan for the Golden Dolphins (Kinshachi) which adorn the top of the Nagoya Castle. As such there is a vigorous trade in souvenirs employing these city symbols. You can buy keychains, sweet red bean (anko) cakes, postcards and bags and much more that bear the likeness of these two historic icons.


Nagoya is particularly famous for its uiro, also known as uiro-mochi, a Japanese steamed cake made of rice flour and sugar. You can choose from many different flavors.

Ebi Senbei

Ebi Senbei, shrimp rice crackers made with fresh shrimp, are very popular. They are known for their rich and delightful shrimp fragrance and their crisp texture. There are various kinds of crackers including those packaged specifically for Nagoya.  Ebisenbei No Sato is one of the most highly reagarded manufacturers  in the a