Shooters: The Myers Swizzle


Phil from Athens, Georgia is what you might call a maestro mixologist. He cut his teeth bartending in New Orleans, where he learned how to pour “old school”. He has since worked in Honolulu and Portland – which is famous as the craft cocktail capital of America. And now he is the brains behind Shooters, one of Nagoya’s most popular bars.

One of the most extreme concoctions he learned to make during those days was the “Ramos Gin Fizz” which contains amongst other things, orange flower water, egg white and heavy cream. It is infamous because Huey Long brought a bartender all the way from New Orleans to New York City just to show staff at a hotel the right way to make the thing. Of course, orange flower water isn’t readily available at bars in Nagoya, so we settled for his recommendation of a Myers Swizzle.

WTF is a swizzle? It’s a drink from Bermuda in the caribbean. How does Phil make his swizzle? With Myers Rum, pineapple juice and falernum. WTF is falernum? It’s made from a tincture… WTF is a tincture? It’s where you leave ingredients – in this case: cloves, ginger, lime zest, almond, star anise and vanilla in a high proof alcohol (Phil chose Barcadi 151) and – let it extract all the goodness out of the ingredients. This leads to a seriously herbal cocktail. Sweet, but not sickly and perfect for a hot summer’s day. – Rangi TM

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